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Great Practices for Operating Your Home Infrared Sauna

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Everyone loves saunas. Today, nearly all gyms and spas are equipped with at least one unit, not only because it is healthy, but also because most people enjoy the experience. In fact, when given the choice, most individuals would choose to travel a slightly farther distance from their home to a gym that has a sauna, instead of traveling a shorter distance to a facility that lacks one. This is because going into the sauna is fun, or at least it should be, and bringing that experience into your home is certainly special.

Easy Steps to Boost Home Infrared Sauna Benefits for Sauna Lovers

Almost everyone has their first sauna experience story, and most of them are either funny or embarrassing. Surprisingly, most people have no idea what to do before, during, or after a session. Here are a few guidelines to help you avoid getting embarrassed or hurt at the gym, a spa, or even in your own home.

Before Stepping into the Sauna

Many people underestimate the importance of showering before the sauna. They think the sweat they’ll produce will wash away whatever contaminants are on their skin, but this is not correct. The heat inside the sauna will enlarge the pores, making it easier for the skin to absorb these surface contaminants into to the bloodstream.

Take a shower and clean away any chemical, oil, deodorant, perfume, and makeup. At the very least, it will help to cleanse your mind from stress and prepare your body for sauna therapy. After cleansing, it is equally important to dry your body thoroughly. Water can act as an insulator and prevent your body from reaching the desired temperature inside the sauna. Remember to also drink plenty of water before entering the sauna. This will prevent dehydration, as you will be losing a large volume of water as you sweat.

During the Session

Finnish people believe that a sauna is best taken naked so that all parts of the body receive the same, even amount of heat. If you own a private home infrared sauna, this could be a good idea. However, if you have reservations about going in bare, you can always wrap yourself in a thin towel.

It is also best to remove all jewelry and accessories on your body before entering the sauna. The reason for this is some materials, such as metals, may absorb the heat and burn you. Remember not to slather on lotion or scrub inside the chamber, as this is unhygienic. The residue can also be quite hard to clean.

After a Sauna Session

At this stage, let your body cool down naturally by sitting in a room at ambient temperature for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, drink water to rehydrate your body. If you can, drink room-temperature water so your body won’t get shocked by the temperature difference. Later, you can either take a shower or continue with a mild exercise routine. Research conducted by the University of Otago in New Zealand shows that exercising after a sauna session can build physical endurance.

If you choose to take a shower, make sure not to wash your body all at once. Start with the legs first, and then the arms and torso. Pay attention to the bath temperature as well. If you find yourself gasping or experiencing shortness of breath, the water might be too cold.

As a general guideline, do not drink alcohol before, during, or immediately after a sauna session, as it can be a dangerous combination. Studies show that heat can exacerbate the effect of alcohol. Even nursing a hangover in the sauna increases the risk of accidents, such as sprains, burns, and heat stroke.

As long as you follow these guidelines, there is no doubt that a home infrared sauna will be a great investment towards your health.


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