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Making the Most of Far Infrared Sauna Benefits to Help Improve Your Health

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Trips to the sauna used to be a luxurious affair, but technology has made it easier and more convenient for individuals to have their own personal units. If you are interested in owning a sauna, but are wondering if it’s worth the investment, here are some of the far infrared sauna benefits that you can expect to enjoy.

Chronic Pain Relief

The thing about chronic pain is that it’s sometimes hard to determine the cause. As such, patients may not get the appropriate conventional medical treatment right away, and will have to endure the pain for much longer than is necessary. This is where a far infrared sauna may help.

The great thing about regular sauna use is that it eliminates the need to use any medication to ease pain. Dependency on prescription medication is mitigated, and you are afforded a more natural way of getting relief.

Far Infrared Sauna Benefits and How You Can Make the Most Out of Them

This claim is supported by research conducted at the Saxion University of Applied Science in the Netherlands. The results of the study showed a reversion of chronic pain among rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis patients who received eight IR treatments in a span of four weeks.

The best part about this is that there were little to no side effects observed among the participants, confirming that regular infrared sauna use is safe and effective.

Better Management of Diabetes Symptoms

People suffering from Type II diabetes will also benefit from regular sauna use, as heat therapy helps alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. As pain and fatigue are mitigated, overall physical health of the patient improves.

Even patients’ mental disposition may see some improvement, with propensity for anger and depression becoming significantly reduced. These effects can be attributed to the relaxing environment that the infrared sauna affords.

Improved Cardiovascular Functions

One of the more common benefits of regular infrared sauna use is the improvement of blood flow and circulation. As heat therapy promotes normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the burden on the heart is eased. The risk posed by blocked arteries is also considerably reduced.

Other studies have found that people with heart arrhythmias can benefit greatly from infrared sauna treatments. With 15-minute treatments at 140°F, immediately followed by 30-minutes of bed rest, heart rate variation is normalized, easing the symptoms of this heart condition.

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental condition wherein the individual incessantly worries about anything and everything under the sun. Depending on how severe it is, the condition can range from simply being a mild inconvenience to being completely debilitating, affecting the overall quality of daily life.

Your mental health can benefit greatly through the regular enjoyment of far infrared sauna sessions. This is not just because the peace and quiet inside the sauna promotes relaxation, but rather, the heat emitted by the unit helps lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

As this happens, your body is better able to manage the stressors that you encounter. Sitting in the sauna allows you to achieve better clarity of thought as you declutter your mind and shut off the noise of the outside world. This allows you to experience emotional relief, and focus on the present.

Certainly, there’s more to a far infrared sauna than just being a luxury item. With all these health benefits, seriously consider getting one for yourself, such as those from trusted suppliers like JNH Lifestyles.


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