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Preparing Space at Home for Your Own Sauna with Help from an Infrared Sauna Review

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Getting your own personal sauna unit is no doubt very exciting, especially if you think about all the possible health benefits you can derive from its regular use. Before you go shopping for one, however, you have to prepare a space for it in your home.

While home infrared saunas have become a lot more accessible and affordable in recent years, it’s still a significant investment. You must then afford it the care and maintenance it requires. Here are some tips for you to get your house ready for your new health and wellness device.

Get Dimensions

To determine how much space you need to allocate for your unit, decide how many users you would like your sauna to accommodate. There are various options for you to choose from, ranging from a solo-seater unit, to as large as four or even corner-seater units, which can potentially accommodate up to five people.

Picking a Top Quality Unit with Help from an Infrared Sauna Review

Think about how often you’ll be using the sauna, and if you will be inviting guests to join you. If you don’t intend to share this private space with anyone, then you can get the single-seater, or maybe even the two-seater to allow you a bit more space.

Once you’ve figured this out, get the dimensions of the unit that you’d like to purchase so that you can measure the space you intend to put it in. That way, you can make the necessary adjustments.

Pick Location

Are you going to place your sauna in a private space like a bathroom, or would you like to put it in a more neutral spot so that it can be accessible to guests who would like to use it as well? Perhaps you would like to set it up outdoors by the pool so that you can have a full water therapy system.

Wherever you may decide to put it, keep in mind that accessibility and convenience are the most important things to consider. If you’re putting it outdoors, for example, you must take care to protect it from elements such as extreme heat, sun, rain, or snow. Leaving your sauna exposed to the elements can make it more vulnerable to wear and tear. Be sure to invest in a cover to protect the unit when not in use.

Ensure Electrical Requirements Are Met

Infrared saunas run on electricity. The electrical capacity of establishments such as a commercial spa are a lot greater than that of residential homes. Therefore, don’t automatically assume that your house’s electrical capacity can accommodate the load of an infrared sauna.

Most infrared units don’t cost that much to operate. They usually run on a 110-120v 15-20 AMP circuit. Ideally, it’s best to set aside a dedicated line for it, as the energy consumption does tend to be higher than other household appliances. It is recommended that you enlist the help of a certified electrician to check the requirements of your infrared sauna against the capacity of your current electrical system.

Get Professional Installers

If you read even just a single infrared sauna review, you’ll most likely see that they recommend seeking the help of professional installers. Some people assume that a portable sauna is synonymous to a foldable unit. However, what “portable” often means is that it can be uninstalled and moved to another location.

Suppliers like JNH Lifestyles provide quality units guaranteed to fit any lifestyle and budget. Let them help you select the most appropriate infrared sauna for your home so you can enjoy its health benefits to the fullest.


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