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Regular Use of a Home Infrared Sauna Helps Improve Your Mental Health

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Have you ever wondered why a session in the sauna can instantly make you feel better? Stress makes the muscles tight and constricted, and your mind tense and restless. The heat in the sauna helps ease the tension in the muscles, thereby promoting better blood circulation in the body.

Reducing stress is essential in elevating your mood, and boosting your immune function, amongst other things. Current research has confirmed that a session in the sauna is not just effective in reducing stress, but also in promoting better mental health. Here are other ways in which regular sauna sessions can boost your mental health.

Fights Depression

A session in your infrared home sauna induces hyperthermia – a condition where your body temperature is slightly above normal. This rise of temperature stimulates the release of beta-endorphins, a neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of happiness.

Your Home Infrared Sauna May Be The Brain Booster You Need

Aside from endorphins, regular sauna use increases BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) in the body, a hormone that helps combat anxiety and depression. An increased amount of these chemicals in the body helps elevate the mood. In fact, heat therapy has been found to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression, even among cancer patients.

Increases Focus

Need a little clarity? Going inside a sauna might just be the thing you need to clear your thoughts. The infrared sauna increases your levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that is responsible for increasing your focus and attention span. Need more ideas for your next big project? Heat also promotes the release of prolactin in the brain – the hormone responsible for the growth of myelin, which increases your brain function.

Induces Better Sleep

A good night of sleep is essential to maintaining physical and mental health. If you find yourself tossing and turning, a session in the sauna may be the solution. Your infrared sauna helps lower your cortisol levels, calming and relaxing your body. In addition, sauna therapy can help promote slow-wave, or deep sleep - the stage at which your body gets the rest it needs.

Relieves Anxiety

Feelings of restlessness and anxiety are often linked to the level of cortisol in the body. Normally, at a healthy level, cortisol is essential to maintain energy levels. However, a surplus of this hormone will cause your heart to beat faster, blood vessels to constrict, and your muscles to tense. It can aggravate anxiety and threaten your health. Some of the best ways to balance cortisol levels is through eliminating toxins from the body, relaxing, and getting better sleep – all things that the infrared sauna can give you.

Fights Chronic Fatigue

Your home infrared sauna may be the key to relieving your chronic fatigue. A person who has been experiencing fatigue for more than 6 months may be suffering from chronic fatigue. Although there may be an absence of physical symptoms, chronic fatigue may affect your memory, concentration, or ability to sleep. Sauna sessions can help reduce fatigue and even help reduce its other symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance.

Helps in Some Psychological Disorders

ADHD and dementia are both mental health disorders that sauna therapy can help address. While the infrared sauna cannot cure ADHD and Dementia, regular sauna sessions may help alleviate their symptoms. Studies have shown that heat therapy increases norepinephrine levels, which can help those with ADHD. In addition, many researchers agree that regular sauna use can help lower the risk of developing dementia.

The health benefits of the infrared sauna aren’t limited to just the physical; these units also promote better mental health. Good physical and mental health is key to achieving optimal body performance, and a healthy, happy life. Should you wish to take advantage of the benefits of the home infrared sauna, contact trusted suppliers like JNH Lifestyles.


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