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The Effect of Celebrity Endorsements on Infrared Sauna Prices

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Although infrared saunas are certainly not new, these units have recently gained a loyal following from Hollywood A-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga, among others. Wondering what all the fuss is about?

A Celeb’s Magical Box?

It’s quite easy to see why infrared saunas have become so popular among the rich and famous. After all, keywords like ‘rejuvenate’, ‘detoxify’, ‘cleanse’, and ‘healthy’ have all been associated with regular use of the infrared sauna.

Celebrities have been quick to endorse this seemingly magical box, as it helps clear their skin, provides a form of stress relief, and helps them to sleep better. While it might be hard to imagine your favorite celebrity willingly sweat for an hour several times a week, these famous celebrities just can’t get enough of the infrared sauna.

Has The Sudden Surge in Its Popularity Affected Infrared Sauna Prices?

Even if you are not a fan of any of these celebs, you may be interested in trying an infrared sauna to find out what the hype is all about. Thanks to its many famous supporters, the infrared sauna has quickly become a rising trend. Unfortunately, because of this, there has been a significant increase in infrared sauna prices for those who visit a spa or salon just to get their fix.

In Los Angeles alone, boutique shops that specialize in infrared sauna services have been sprouting like mushrooms all over the city. While you might think this is a good thing, as you’ll have more options on where to go, the average price of a single 45-minute session is already at $65.00 – and it’s not even a proper sauna experience. These shops are only offering ‘pods’ (think of tanning beds, but with infrared light as a heat source) rather than the full sauna experience that you often see on TV shows and movies.

On the other hand, medical spas and body treatment shops who offer the full sauna experience charge as much as $250.00 per session. Just imagine, if one session lasts for about 45 minutes, and you need to visit at least three times a week to feel its effects, you’ll be spending roughly $3,000.00 per month.

A Way to Get the Same Luxury Treatment for Less

If you consider the cost of going to medical and body treatment spas, then owning an infrared sauna is much more cost-effective in the long run. Sure, you will need to spend about $2,500.00 (and will need adequate space in your home for installation), but you will have your very own full-body sauna experience.

Since the equipment is yours, you won’t need to limit yourself to three 45-minute sessions a week. You can use it as long and as frequently as you like. You can even invite your friends and family to enjoy the benefits of the infrared sauna, without becoming dirt poor in the process.

Finally, you can get infrared sauna treatments in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to get embarrassed at the thought of disrobing in front of strangers. You also don’t need to pay extra to reserve a time-slot just to guarantee your treatment. But most importantly, with proper use and maintenance, you’ll be using your home infrared sauna for the better part of your life.

By purchasing an infrared sauna, you can enjoy the many benefits at a fraction of the price of renting by the hour. For roughly the same price as a month’s worth of sessions in a trendy salon, you’ll be able to get a lifetime of health benefits.


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