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These Accessories are Tailored to Give You the Best Infrared Sauna Experience

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Having your own infrared sauna is a convenient way to relax, detox, and take care of your overall health. That said, think of how much more you can gain from your infrared sauna's performance by adding a few amenities. You can find a wide array of sauna accessories that can both enhance your comfort level and improve your sauna's health benefits. Identifying your needs and preferences will help you choose the right accessories for your sauna.

Temperature Gauges

Gauges are essential in regulating the temperature inside a sauna. This is best for beginners, since you will have to gradually adjust your body to the heat, especially if you have a low tolerance to high temperatures. With a thermometer, you can set the temperature to your preferred level. Remember, though, that the best infrared sauna is built to release heat only up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, as full enjoyment of its health benefits require nothing higher.

Get the Best Infrared Sauna Experience with Different Accessories


Because a sauna can be so relaxing, time can easily slip away during your session, to the point where you may even forget what time you began. Subsequently, installing or carrying a timer helps to keep you from staying inside the sauna too long.

If your sauna does not come equipped with a timer, consider placing an hourglass next to you. With an hourglass, you won’t have to continually monitor the clock or try to remember when you should end your session. Simply watch the sand until it all falls to the bottom, halfway to the bottom, or even a quarter of the way if you wish to stay less than an hour.


You may avoid installing shelves or magazine racks in the sauna for fear of diminishing your elbow room, but the truth is, they may help you to utilize the space more efficiently. This is especially true when you’re inviting a friend over for a sauna session. The shelves and racks allow you and a guest an area out of the way to store your towels or reading materials. Having extra towels inside is important, too, because they allow you to wipe off toxin-filled sweat that otherwise soaks the bench or floor.


What better way is there to relax than enjoying your favorite music while soaking up the soothing heat? Choose from a few sound options, including internal speakers connected to an external receiver or CD player. Better yet, select a sauna that comes equipped with a stereo system.

Therapeutic Tools

There are several tools that can enhance the therapeutic effects of an infrared sauna to provide you with a more beneficial experience. One of these tools is called an ionizer. Specifically,, this accessory enhances the health benefits of detoxification. Make sure you purchase a high-quality ionizer to gain the full benefits of this device.

Other accessories include color therapy and fragrances, which enhance both your mental and physical relaxation. Brighten up your atmosphere with some illumination: Many sauna lighting options allow you to choose the shade or intensity you prefer. Each of these tools appeals to the senses, allowing you to make the most of each sauna session.

With these accessories, you can enjoy the best infrared sauna experience possible. You can learn more about such tools from the manufacturer of your sauna, who can provide advice on which accessories best achieve what you desire from your entire experience.


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