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A Two Person Sauna Can Be a Way to Reconnect with Your Significant Other

A Two Person Sauna Can Be a Way to Reconnect with Your Significant Other

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There are all kinds of fun and stimulating ways that you can connect with your spouse or partner: you  can take long walks on the beach, go hiking together, see a movie, or there’s the ever-popular romantic dinner. Some people like nothing better than cuddling on the couch and binge-watching a favorite show, but  more couples these days are finding out that time in a two person sauna can be just the ticket to keeping a relationship fresh. Let’s find out why.

The Appeal of the Two Person Sauna

Many couples discover that they feel closer to each other when they are pursuing fitness goals together. They like going jogging in the mornings before work, or attending yoga classes. Some couples also want to try dieting together to lose weight, as they stand a better chance of sticking to their goals through solidarity.

The healthy aspect of sauna use, particularly when it comes to home infrared saunas, is part of what attracts couples to want to buy one for themselves. Because several different companies offer far infrared saunas that are big enough for two, the notion that you can sit in the sauna at home with your spouse or partner and lose weight by sweating out calories is very appealing. Along with the proper exercise program and healthy eating, you can use a sauna with your partner and see real weight loss in no time at all.

Then there’s the relaxation aspect of home sauna use. A home sauna cost is negligible when you think of your sauna time as a mini-vacation you can take any morning, afternoon, or evening with your partner. Not only that, but unlike a traditional vacation that you take only once, you can use your sauna as many times as you like. It’s more cost-effective than going to an exotic destination. You pay for the sauna, and then you can make sessions in it a part of the weekly or even daily routine for both of you.

What Can You Expect from the Two Person Sauna Experience?

If you have never tried a far infrared sauna before, you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to set up and use. Some companies will deliver one to you completely assembled, and all you have to do is find a place to put it that’s near an electrical outlet. Other versions come with some assembly required, so think about whether that’s something you can easily do. Make sure that you look at infrared sauna reviews online so you can select a model that you know is popular and well-regarded.

Look at other aspects besides the price, like what wood was chosen for the sauna and whether it is held together with glue or screws. Cheap wood means that the sauna will not hold up well for very long, and models held together with glue aren’t built to last either. You want one of those that are screwed together, and which shows no evidence of warping. Don’t make the error of thinking that all far infrared saunas are created the same because that’s not the case.

Make Your Sauna Time Special

After your sauna is installed, you can send the kids to the neighbors for a while or tell them to read a book or watch TV while you have some alone time with your partner. Once you’ve blocked off an hour for yourselves, then you can turn on the sauna and wait for it to get to the perfect temperature. Far infrared saunas don’t get to the same high temperatures that traditional steam saunas do, so you can set yours to 120 or 130 degrees if you don’t want the heat to be too overpowering.

You then strip down to your underwear or a bathing suit, and the two of you can both enter the sauna at the same time. When you’re picking out your two person sauna, be sure that you select one that you know is going to work for the both of you based on its dimensions.

You can sit in the sauna, close your eyes, and slowly relax as the heat washes over you. You can put on some soothing music if you like, or the two of you can have a conversation. Alternatively, you don’t have to say or listen to anything at all, and you can sit in meditative silence for the whole session. You can start with 15 to 20 minutes if you’re not used to sauna experiences yet, and then you can work your way up to 30 or 45 minutes in time. 

Emerge Refreshed

There are all sorts of health benefits that you can expect from your sauna time, but one of the best things about it is that it’s a chance for you and your spouse or partner to reconnect in a way that is simple and undemanding. Too many relationships fail because the partners begin to take each other for granted and don’t spend enough time together.

It is vital that you set some time aside for yourselves at least multiple days each week. That’s how you rekindle the flame of a stalled relationship. Sometimes you must rediscover each other, and two person sauna use is an easy way for you to do that.

Because far infrared saunas are affordable and well made these days, anyone can get one regardless of your financial situation and how much space you have available in your house or apartment. Once you have your far infrared sauna, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next time you and your partner can use it, and you’ll start planning your days around it.

When you can start a habit that is good for you both mentally and physically, but  also works wonders for your relationship, you shouldn’t pass it up. Be thankful that you found out about far infrared saunas, and get ready to enjoy a newly balanced life once you’ve installed one in your home.

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