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Buy One for the Home: Ditch Your Traditional Sauna for a Home Infrared Sauna

Buy One for the Home: Ditch Your Traditional Sauna for a Home Infrared Sauna

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The infrared sauna is different from the traditional type that you typically see in gyms and health clubs. The strongest criticism against the sauna is that it feels so different from the ones invented from the Finns. Home saunas claim to replicate the effect, but purists are not convinced.

It is this discussion that makes people ask, “ is a home sauna worth buying? If I’m not going to get the full experience, then what’s the use?

While the infrared sauna is in a sense removed from the traditional sauna, it holds its own. This is big news, especially if you're considering having a private sauna.

Traditional Sauna vs. Infrared Sauna

Here are the primary differences between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna:

  • Heat Range: Traditional saunas are from between 150 to 185 °F. On the other hand, the infrared sauna temperature is between 120 to 140 °F, which is lower and more comfortable for many people than the traditional setup.

  • Method for Heating: Traditional saunas are heated upon use, and the rocks inside are also intensely heated, causing you to sweat at once. On the other hand, an infrared sauna emits infrared rays that go through the body and raise its temperature, so sweating is more gradual.

  • Heating Time: Traditional saunas allow 30-40 minutes for the room to attain the ideal temperature. This depends on the room’s insulation and ventilation. In an infrared sauna, the person can start bathing immediately once turned on.

  • Size: Traditional saunas can typically host up to six people. Because of this, the sauna itself has become a socialization room. Home infrared saunas vary in size, giving you the freedom to choose based on your space and preference.

Why Choose the Infrared Sauna?

It’s true that a traditional Finnish sauna has a rustic, comforting feel to it. A  far infrared sauna, however, is the better choice. Here’s why:

  • Convenience
    The fact that an infrared sauna can be readily installed in your home says it all. Why go to the gym to use the sauna for the sake of a traditional experience? The health benefits are the same. Plus, not having to go to the gym means more time for you to finish chores and bond with the family.

  • Cheaper
    If you don’t have a gym membership and need to pay to use the sauna, why bother? , You’ll also be wasting time on your commute or your car gas. Having the sauna in the comfort of your home saves you tons of money.

  • Customization
    If you’re accustomed to the traditional model, you can easily reshape your infrared sauna to feel that way. JNH Lifestyles offers accessories that will help you add a personal feel to your sauna. For example, you can opt to include accessories such as backrests and infrared foot warmers into your sessions. Such customization will banish the thought of you going to the gym sauna again.

Infrared Saunas that will Suit You

As the web’s best-selling infrared sauna company, JNH Lifestyles offers you topnotch products that don’t dilute the traditional sauna experience. We can reinvent the sauna experience for you!

Whether you choose a  one-person sauna or multi-person infrared sauna, you will get only the highest quality of saunas. Contact us now, and enjoy the benefits an infrared sauna can offer.

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