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Can Home Infrared Sauna Use Give Athletes a Competitive Edge? We Address the Rumors.

Can Home Infrared Sauna Use Give Athletes a Competitive Edge? We Address the Rumors.

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Athletics, whether at the middle school, high school, college, or professional level, are about trying to get an edge over your opponents. That is why new training methods are continually being developed. Modified diets are employed, and vitamin supplements are always being tested to see if they can prove the difference between winning and losing. But what about home infrared sauna use? More athletes are starting to install a home sauna for the benefits they provide, but are these saunas just for relaxation or can they be used for more than that? Let’s look at what home infrared sauna use can mean for a dedicated athlete.

Take Your Mind Off It All

The thought of a professional athlete looking for a home sauna for sale shouldn’t strike you as unusual since saunas are typically regarded as luxury items and athletes only want the best for themselves. What might be surprising is that the pros are opting for infrared saunas rather than the more expensive steam-heated varieties.

The reason for this is that there are many benefits that the far infrared sauna can provide that the steam-heated sauna cannot. For instance, the relaxation potential is greater with far infrared saunas because you don’t have to crank the heat up anywhere near as high. You can set a far infrared sauna at 120 or 130 degrees whereas a steam sauna can get as high as 180 or 190 degrees, which many find too intense and overpowering.

At the lower temperature, an athlete can sit back and relax as they think about the game that they just played or one that they have coming up. Getting into a zen state is critical if they are to perform at their peak. The mental side of things is just as important as the physical, regardless of what kind of sport you play.

Healing Powers

The best infrared sauna models have many heat elements that are directed at all parts of the body. . This matters because heat has healing properties, especially the sort that you get with a far infrared sauna.

Far infrared saunas produce light rays that are identical to the ones that the sun provides. The only difference is that are better and safer compared to sun exposure because saunas carry no risk of sunburn or skin cancer.

When you compete aggressively in sports, it does a number on your body. Everything hurts after you’ve given your all on the ice playing hockey, on the court playing basketball, or for nine innings on a baseball diamond. Your immune system is taxed, and tissues, joints, and muscles feel every move that you made and every collision with other human bodies. It’s no wonder that some athletes have their careers ended due to injury.

If you sit in a home infrared sauna for 30-40 minutes multiple times a week, you’re relaxing those tense, sore muscles, and you’re giving your body the best chance to heal. Athletes certainly rely on other methods to loosen themselves up, like ice baths and therapeutic massage, but home infrared saunas provide healing power that is low tech and requires little equipment.

Once an athlete finds a sauna for sale that seems suitable, buys it, and installs it in their home, they can use it for years, and it’s ready as soon as it’s plugging it in. Within minutes it will have heated to the point that relaxation and healing are just minutes away.

Increased Blood Flow

Blood and oxygen flow are increased through use of a far infrared sauna, and that means athletes can better deal with quick turnaround times if they need to play a night game followed by a day game.

Bumps and bruises are part of daily life for any athlete, and a home sauna can be the secret weapon that allows them to get over injuries faster. The heat will lead to faster healing times so that even severe injuries won’t sideline these exceptional people for very long. They’ll soon be back out there helping their teammates, without hindering their work ethic. They know that if the team is making a playoff push or have a matchup with a rival, then their presence is expected. Far infrared sauna time can help them to get back to the game faster.

Push the Limits

Athletes who spend time in far infrared saunas can push themselves farther when the situation calls for it. Their endurance is built up to new levels after only a few weeks of home sauna use. Tests have shown that these athletes have better blood work from exposure to far infrared rays, including increased plasma volume.

When you think about it, it is little short of remarkable what concentrated heat from an infrared sauna provide. Steam saunas heat the air around the human occupants, while infrared saunas heat the athlete directly.

This is not to say that athletes are the only ones who can benefit from home sauna use. These saunas are easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and they help anyone who uses them, not just the giants of professional sports.

If you see a home sauna for sale at a reasonable price, be sure to jump on it. Your daily life might not involve a high-stakes playoff game or a grudge match against a division rival, but a presentation at work is just as critical for you. We all face physical and mental challenges, and the benefits of a far infrared sauna can help people from any walk of life. Try one today, and you’ll see how much it can change your life in meaningful, positive ways. 

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