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Cutting-Edge Features to Look for When You Buy Sauna

Cutting-Edge Features to Look for When You Buy Sauna

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Saunas have come a long way from their traditional roots. While a lot of people still keep it simple with hot stones and steam, infrared saunas have further enriched the experience with amazing features like special wood types, audio capabilities, and color therapy. When you buy a sauna, you’re taking home all the health and therapeutic benefits it provides. Understanding how it keeps you and your loved ones safe ensures that you can focus on complete relaxation every time you step inside.

Here are the cutting-edge features that infrared saunas have to offer.

  • Safe Heaters

Top of the line infrared saunas will give you the option to choose between ceramic and carbon fiber heaters. Ceramic heaters provide the quickest warm-up time together with intense heat. The low wattage of carbon fiber heaters, on the other hand, makes for gentler, therapeutic warmth.

Unlike traditional steam saunas that can reach extremely high temperatures, infrared sauna heaters emit heat without getting hot. This keeps everyone safe inside the sauna, especially children who are still learning how to behave during a session.


  • Organic Core Materials

To better deliver all the wonderful sauna health benefits, the best infrared saunas make use of non-allergic materials and non-adhesive construction to create a wholesome interior environment.

Our collection uses Western Hemlock and Western Red Cedar as the materials of choice. These wood types are some of the most durable woods available,  and they are also resistant to insect attacks and decay. They also resist splitting and cracking even with frequent temperature changes. As a result, the integrity, quality, and safety of your home sauna are maintained no matter how often you use it.


  • Digital Controls

While sauna purists might disagree, digital technology has made infrared saunas safer than ever before. Thanks to this advancement, you now have full control over each element of your sauna experience.

Set the perfect temperature and session length by simply tapping the control panel. You can adjust these factors based on your desired goal, whether that’s relaxation, intense detoxification, or gentle heat therapy. Because of this, every minute inside your sauna is productive, comfortable, and safe.


  • Smart Design

Adding another layer of protection is the intelligent design of modern infrared saunas. Heat therapy can be so soothing that  it's common to doze off for a bit as you relax  inside your sauna.

State of the art sauna technology comes with timers that automatically shut off the unit once it reaches your pre-set time. As a result, you can relax to your heart’s content without worrying about a thing.

Unwind with Confidence

The health and wellness advantages transform a home sauna cost into a meaningful investment. Thanks to the numerous safeguards of modern infrared saunas, you can enjoy each session with complete peace of mind.

These are just a few of the awesome features that make infrared saunas a great addition to any home. What features are you looking for in a home sauna? Our team at JNH Lifestyles can’t wait to help you find the right match. Feel free to call us at your convenience!

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