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Dry Sauna Benefits: Complement Your Diet and Workouts with Heat Therapy

Dry Sauna Benefits: Complement Your Diet and Workouts with Heat Therapy

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There’s no doubt about it: Americans are on a fitness kick. Gym memberships have soared to record highs, and the health food trend is dominating the food and beverage industry.  However, many people going on a diet and working out are not giving them the results they are trying to achieve. If you’re one of them, you’d be happy to know that one of the major dry sauna benefits is weight loss. But that is only one of its benefits.  It can also give your workouts a significant boost and improve your metabolism so that your body can shed pounds in a healthy and incredibly relaxing way.

Weight Loss from Saunas: Too Good to be True?

Losing weight has always been seen as a strenuous process where you have to deprive yourself of many things you love to eat and spend half of your time at the gym. Therefore, the prospect of lounging in the gentle heat of a sauna while burning calories can sound like taking the easy way out. But what does research tell us?

  • A study published in the Journal of American Medical Information found that you can burn as much as 600 calories due to heat stress. In another study from Binghampton University, participants who underwent a 30-minute sauna session three times a week lost around 4% body fat compared to a control group who did not use a sauna.
  • Several studies also alluded to an indirect effect of saunas on weight loss. For instance, exposure to heat elevates your heart rate, which is equivalent to cardiovascular exercises of moderate intensity like jogging. Heat also stimulates muscle repair, allowing you to recover faster from the sores and ache of a workout. This in turn lets you get back on the treadmill sooner, and continue your weight loss efforts more quickly.

The truth is that relying on saunas alone to lose weight is unrealistic.  But when you use regular heat therapy with proper diet and exercise, you have a greater chance of hitting your weight goals and maximizing your sauna cost.

End Your Workout with a Sweat Ritual

Most people go straight to cooling down right after working out. Yet that might not be the most effective way to wrap up your trip to the gym. Instead, turn the heat up by spending some time inside a sauna right after you work out.

Due to the heat, your heart rate remains at high levels, which means that you continue to enjoy the cardio benefits that your workout set in motion. In addition, infrared heat can penetrate as deep as two inches into your tissues, speeding up the repair of all those tiny tears in the muscle while relaxing them. Finally, heat works great with pain management so that you don't cramp up once you leave the gym.

 Saunas can help you burn calories when used on their own, but not enough to reach significant weight goals.  However, as part of a rigorous diet and workout regimen, saunas can be a powerful tool in your fitness arsenal.

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