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Enjoy The Best Home Infrared Sauna On The Market

Enjoy The Best Home Infrared Sauna On The Market

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You have done the looking around, asked all the right questions, did the research and are now ready to purchase your first home infrared sauna. You are probably super excited that you and your family are going to enjoy all the wonderful health benefits associated with having a home sauna. However, even though you have done all the necessary homework before you make this investment, it’s best you read this article to make sure that you are going to purchase a sauna that’s right for you.

Installing A Home Infrared Sauna

Ideally, when considering an at home sauna, you will want an infrared sauna over a traditional sauna that uses inefficient forms of heat. In home infrared saunas are convenient and take less time to heat up than traditional saunas. Also consider how much room you have in your home to place your sauna. Many sauna experts recommend an infrared sauna kit not only because of its many health benefits and space adaptability but its ease of use and maintenance. Additionally, an infrared sauna is much more cost-effective, making it very practical for individuals who would like a sauna at home. JNH Lifestyles home infrared saunas are designed with ease of installation and include customer support for troubleshooting.

Choosing The Sauna Type

If you don’t like intense heat, then you are not going to get on well with a traditional sauna. Why? Because one of the biggest differences between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna is the type of heat that is involved inside the unit. Traditional saunas usually have temperatures as high as 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are not used to this kind of heat, or are sensitive to it, you could easily feel overwhelmed while trying to get a sweat on in the unit.

On the other hand, infrared sauna cabins have a way milder temperature environment, typically 100-130 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the heat that’s emitted from infrared saunas penetrates deeper into the body and since the body is absorbing the heat and not the air, begins to perspire and release toxins at much lower temperatures compared to a traditional sauna using alternative forms of heating methods.

Another advantage to JNH Lifestyles infrared saunas is its portability. Set up takes under two hours on average, as does the breakdown. If you move, or want to change rooms, just break it down and reassemble it!

Identify The Best Quality Heater For Optimal Health Benefits

There are huge differences between the traditional ceramic heaters found in older saunas, compared to carbon heaters used in infrared saunas. The advantage of carbon heaters is that they work at a lower temperature because of the heating wavelength of infrared technology. Traditional ceramic heaters must warm up to over 150 degrees to heat the sauna cabin. The body starts to sweat at about 115 degrees, so if you don’t like extreme heat, it’s not advisable to sit inside a traditional sauna for a very long time.

Science has also shown that these temperatures and this environment encourage a more efficient shedding of toxic material in the body, as evidence in the reduced amount of water in the perspiration and an increased amount of toxins. The resonant absorption experienced in an infrared sauna has also shown to increase the amount of toxins excreted by the liver, kidneys, and even hair.

The health risks associated with high heat are reduced in an infrared sauna due to carbon heaters. Infrared heaters have longer wavelengths and use lower temperatures inside the unit to heat the cabin quicker and more efficiently. The old-fashioned ceramic heaters cause a hotspot inside the sauna and work intensively at higher temperatures to heat the surrounding air. Whereas, carbon distributes the heat equally on their long wavelengths. The method of warming passes through the skin deeper than the imposed heat in traditional ceramic. The result is higher detoxification and a cleaner sweat.

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