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Factors to Consider When Letting Your Child Use an Infrared Sauna

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Children can also benefit from the health effects of saunas since they have toxins in their bodies as well. This is due to exposure to pollutants, chemicals, and heavy metals that can be found almost anywhere, especially in this technological age. That’s why no matter how healthy you try to make your kid’s lifestyle, you can’t completely protect them from harmful toxins. The only way you can do to ensure their health is to assist them in getting rid of these toxins. This is where infrared saunas come in to help.

An infrared sauna is a better option for detoxification of children than traditional saunas. This is because the heat from an infrared sauna is more comfortable, making it more bearable for children who aren’t used to heat. Infrared saunas also have more accessories like speakers and CD players that can entertain your children while relaxing and detoxifying. You could also use the sauna session as a bonding activity for the entire family. Just make sure to get a bigger unit that can accommodate at least four people.

While infrared saunas are great for keeping your children healthy, there are still factors to consider to ensure a safe and worthwhile experience.

Keeping Your Children Healthy and Cleansed the Infrared Sauna WayKeeping Your Children Healthy and Cleansed the Infrared Sauna Way

Age and Maturity

The recommended age to start using the sauna is 8. Studies show that children who aren’t in puberty don’t yet have the ability to regulate heat the same way adults can. To be on the safer side, wait for them to reach this age before letting them inside.

Aside from age is maturity. You must ensure that your kid can behave inside the sauna to avoid any accidents. Some children may run and play around that they might accidentally burn themselves or break something inside. A sauna is a place to sit back, relax, read a good book, or listen to music. If you can’t trust your child to be in the room alone, then it means that they haven’t yet reached the maturity level required for this activity.

Time Limit

Children can’t regulate heat as efficiently as adults can, so the amount of time they can stay inside should be shorter. The recommended time limit is 15 minutes, which is enough to help their body sweat out the toxins and chemicals that could affect their health.


Teach your child to use the sauna properly to see whether they have the maturity to be left alone the next time. Show them how to adjust the controls and explain what they should and should not do when inside.

Infrared saunas are good for everyone in the family, including children. All you have to do is follow the guidelines ensure they receive maximum benefits from the experience.


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