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Find Out Which Home Infrared Sauna Wavelength Is Best For You

Find Out Which Home Infrared Sauna Wavelength Is Best For You

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Finding the perfect home infrared sauna might prove a bit of a difficult task because of the wide variety of saunas available to you on the market. After deciding on the best fit for you and your home, it is important to consider what exactly wavelengths are and how they affect and work for your body. Here is what you need to know about infrared saunas and wavelengths.

What is Infrared Radiant Heat?

Infrared heat is something very natural that usually comes from the biggest star in our solar system, the sun. Sunlight is a mix of visible light and invisible light. The seven colors that make up a rainbow are visible lights; whereas infrared lights and ultraviolet rays are invisible lights

The sun’s rays consist of infrared rays. These infrared rays are the healthiest and are found in any JNH Lifestyles’ home sauna for sale. They are beneficial for your health because they can deeply penetrate your skin and dissolve harmful substances that pile up in your body. The infrared rays invigorate your cells and your metabolism.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Infrared Saunas?

Traditional and infrared saunas are two clinically-proven treatments that provide a wide range of natural health benefits. At first glance, they may appear to offer the same advantages, however, they depend on extremely different means of biological mechanisms of action to induce health benefits.

The whole aim of using a sauna for sale is to generate enough heat to increase your body’s core temperature. You can achieve this by either using a conventional sauna or the best infrared sauna on the market.

Here is a brief explanation about the main differences between a JNH Lifestyles home infrared sauna and a traditional sauna, with a focus on how each sauna operates and what health benefits to expect.

Traditional Saunas: These are typically found all across Scandinavian countries and some spas and gyms have this kind of sauna available for their clients. This type of sauna delivers a convection type of heat since it just warms the air inside the sauna. It provides a hot, steamy environment that many of us are accustomed to when we think of the word “sauna.”

Infrared Saunas: It has recently become very popular for many people to look into purchasing a home infrared sauna. Their great demand and acclaim are because infrared saunas do not heat the air that surrounds you. Instead, they heat the objects that are within the sauna room. The heat that is emitted comes from a full spectrum of infrared wavelengths which are composed of near, mid and far infrared.

Each type of wavelength supports a specific health benefit, and the temperature inside an infrared sauna is usually more comfortable and can be tolerated for a longer time than a traditional sauna. The fact that the wavelengths target certain areas in the body more effectively and that you can take advantage of this for longer periods in comfort, makes infrared saunas a better investment over traditional saunas.

What Are The Different Types of Infrared Wavelengths?

As we mentioned before, the sun creates a mix of visible and invisible light, and one of those invisible spectrums is infrared rays. The sun feels warm because of these invisible infrared wavelengths, whereas the ultraviolet wavelengths are responsible for making the sun bright.

It has long been conclusively proven in the medical community that infrared waves are beneficial to the human body because they are easily absorbed, stimulate many systems in the body such as the immune, lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, and also eliminate toxins. Infrared light can do all this without any harmful rays of sunlight.

Here is a summary of each type of light in the infrared spectrum and how your body can benefit from them when you purchase a home sauna from JNH Lifestyles.

Near Infrared - This is the shortest wavelength, however, it penetrates the deepest. This infrared heat has a particular characteristic that doesn't allow water inside the body to trap it. Therefore, it can penetrate the deepest part of the body and is very effective at heating up the body’s core.

Near infrared is linked with photo biomodulation, which directly generates energy within the body’s cells via ATP stimulation. Therefore, it is not a surprise that near infrared helps heal wounds and boost cellular repair.

Mid Infrared - This wavelength is slightly longer than near infrared. It helps with the body’s soft tissue, increases circulation, brings oxygen to areas that require healing, increases heart rate and metabolism as well as reduces inflammation.

Far Infrared - This wavelength is very similar to the heat that our bodies give off naturally. Far infrared is easily captured by the water molecules in the body which emits its energy. The human body releases far infrared wavelengths at around 9.4 microns. Since far infrared wavelengths are very natural and normal for us, our energy improves and strengthens.

When you sit in an infrared sauna at this 9.4-micron range, the body’s cells begin to get rid of harmful toxins. These toxins are then flushed out of the body through the largest organ of the body--the skin--during excessive perspiration.

Far infrared light does a very good job of activating sweat glands and getting rid of these toxic chemicals through the body. Removing these toxins through the skin is beneficial since it supports the liver and prevents it from having to process considerable amounts of these fat-soluble compounds. The act of sweating in an infrared sauna is quite effective at eliminating unwanted and harmful chemicals.

Is Infrared Heat Safe?

Indeed it is! Infrared heat is all around us and the human body can emit as well as receive infrared heat with the far infrared band. On the other hand, as an example, a warm street or heated vending machine radiates an infrared that is a middle and near infrared band.

In conclusion, infrared sauna therapy works better and is more comfortable and effective than traditional saunas. It can warm the body up as the sun does naturally using a spectrum of visible and invisible light. The body is heated directly, rather than the surrounding air, which results in the body experiencing deeper tissue penetration to heal wounds, muscles, and joints. Also, it provides a more effective method to perspire harmful toxins out of our bodies, which build up over time. All this happens in an environment that isn’t overwhelming with heat, is easy to breathe in, and most importantly, helps you to just relax!

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