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Four Most Essential Aspects That Result in the Best Far Infrared Sauna Reviews

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Customers who intend to purchase infrared saunas commonly search this key phrase online- “best far infrared sauna reviews”. Because they are interested in knowing what existing buyers have experienced, the search enables them to peruse customer feedback to guide their product choice. Instead of investing time and energy in going through different sauna reviews yourself, this article has already searched for different feedbacks. After scanning hundreds of various reviews and assessing the company profile of the most highly rated sellers of far infrared saunas, four factors have stood out. Due to the following four elements, clients assert that they have received top-quality infrared saunas.

Best Far Infrared Sauna Reviews Are Earned Through Four Basic Aspects

Decades of Sauna Manufacturing Experience

Manufacturing and customer service experience heavily rely on achieving positively-rated infrared saunas. In the Harvard Business Review, Ericsson and colleagues reviewed the meaning of being an expert and determined that deliberate practice, or considerable, specific, and relentless effort, results in specialization. Additionally, their research indicated that the most gifted musical performers required at least ten years of practice to become an expert. In looking through far infrared sauna reviews, one company has consistently received -4-5 star ratings because its engineers and researchers have 20 years of sauna design, production, and sales experience. This is a prime example of how sustained practice generates excellent infrared sauna cabins. Expertise that rests on constant self-evaluation, improvement, and innovation generates high-quality saunas.


A majority of customers who confirmed that their infrared saunas worked perfectly received Intertek-tested items. Intertek has been testing and certifying systems as well as products for more than 130 years. A known expert in the certification field, Intertek uses only state-of-the-art facilities when inspecting processes and equipment. Few companies can guarantee that their sauna cabins have been tested by Intertek for having low or zero Electromagnetic Field (EMF) levels. EMF should be kept at the minimum rate because it may cause sunburn. As a testament of safety and quality, the best infrared saunas are Intertek-tested.

The Right Type of Wood and Heating Systems

Another aspect that obtains positive far infrared sauna reviews involves cabins made of specific wood types and heating systems. Canadian Hemlock or Red Cedar are generally well-regarded materials for infrared sauna cabins, as their natural features enable efficient heat production. Furthermore, both wood types exhibit durability in withstanding repeated heat and moisture exposure. Unlike other kinds of timber, they resist rot and wear-and-tear. An increasing number of customers appreciate wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. They prefer companies that replant trees as often as they are harvested, preventing these species from being endangered due to overconsumption.

The most effective sauna heating systems consist of ceramic or carbon fiber heaters. Both suitably release dry infrared heat efficiently. However, a ceramic heating system discharges heat quickly which can lead to brisk, intense sauna sessions. Individuals who typically use their sauna for 15 minutes tend to prefer ceramic heaters. On the other hand, carbon fiber heaters emit low-level warmth that users can tolerate for a long time, such as 30 to 60 minutes. This makes them highly recommended for customers who depend on infrared sauna for therapeutic purposes, such as improving blood flow and losing weight.

Modularized Structures

Often, consumers prefer modular infrared saunas that offer several advantages. First, they can be easily assembled in 20 minutes or less. Second, modularity allows for the easy replacement of broken or deteriorated parts, decreasing the time spent on repairs or replacements as well as cutting long-run maintenance costs. Third, modular saunas allow owners to transfer their cabins from one place to another and suit those who relocating or vacationing for a long time.

Customers who post the best far infrared sauna reviews are ultimately concerned with quality and convenience. As a result, they usually rave about a sauna manufacturer that has decades of production experience, sells Intertek-tested cabins, offers premium wood and heating options, and sells infrared saunas with modular structures.


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