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Have You Found The Perfect Infrared Sauna For Sale?

Have You Found The Perfect Infrared Sauna For Sale?

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So, you are looking for an infrared sauna for sale because you have heard that they offer amazing heat healing power? For over 2,000 years, saunas have been used around the world as a form of traditional healing.

Many cultures have treasured saunas as a way of cleansing the body. These cultures’ saunas include the Aboriginal sweat lodges, Roman baths, Native American sweat lodges, Scandinavian saunas and Turkish baths. When you rest your body in a high-temperature environment such as a sauna, the body reacts by sweating, which even in ancient times was considered as a potent method of cleansing the body and ridding waste through the skin.

The body’s largest organ is the skin and it’s even the leading organ of elimination. The main responsibility of the skin is to be a barrier to protect the body from outside elements. Also, the skin works to maintain body fluids, protect against disease, balance and control the body’s temperature as well as eliminate waste. Unfortunately, many people don’t sweat on a regular basis.

That’s why routinely using a sauna can gradually improve skin elimination which can greatly lower the body’s toxic levels, improve its cellular system and boost the immune system. It’s important to note that toxins--such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, flame retardant chemicals, bisphenol-A (BPA) and mercury-- are excreted through sweat.

What Is An Infrared Sauna?

JNH Lifestyles’ infrared saunas operate with the use of infrared light rays, which can’t be seen by the human eye. When you are looking around for infrared sauna for sale, you’ll become educated with the fact that infrared saunas generate heat energy that can penetrate up to two inches of human tissue. Due to the fact that an infrared sauna is ‘dry,’ there isn’t any condensation stopping you from sweating. Therefore you can achieve a deep, detoxifying and satisfying sweat.

Generally, infrared saunas work at the reverse end of the visible light spectrum compared to ultraviolet light. Continually, the body can be exposed to many hours of infrared light without any danger of burning. As a matter of fact, infrared technology is so harmless that it’s used in hospitals to keep newborn babies warm.

What’s The Difference Between Infrared Saunas And Traditional Saunas?

The fantastic aspect of infrared light is that it gives off heat without warming up the body to extraordinary temperatures. On the other hand, a traditional sauna can produce temperatures that can reach as high as 185 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which many people find hard to tolerate, especially those who are heat sensitive.

If you are evaluating sauna cost, keep this factor in mind: an infrared sauna for sale is much milder at a climate of 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing many users to stay longer and use it more frequently. Also, the heat of an infrared sauna penetrates the body much deeper, resulting in a vigorous sweat at a much lower temperature, providing an overall more effective and enjoyable experience.

What’s Far Infrared Light?

As mentioned before you can’t see infrared light with your eye and that also goes for far infrared (FIR) light. Besides an infrared sauna, we have far infrared light from the sun which generates heat within the human body. The infrared rays are a unique wavelength of light since they don’t have UV exposure. The warmth you feel in a traditional sauna is usually generated outside of the body. Hence the fact you can run a risk of overheating.

The biggest advantage of infrared wavelengths is that they can penetrate significantly deep into the body tissue, about two to three inches. The heat goes through the body more effectively than the type of heat expelled from a traditional sauna. This is important because when the heat goes further through the body, like infrared sauna technology, there’s a greater detox experience on a cellular level. When this happens, the body starts to heal from the deepest cell levels, you feel healthier and as a result, have more energy.

What’s the Full Spectrum?

Healing with the use of heat therapy technology isn’t really something new, but there have been many technological advances that have improved infrared energy and have made it attainable for these devices to produce heat in the appropriate spots using pinpoint precision. There are three specific types of infrared wavelengths that can penetrate the body at various levels: near infrared, mid-infrared and far infrared. Considering they penetrate the skin and cells at different depths, every type of infrared supports several therapeutic advantages depending on its use. So if you’re checking sauna prices, it’s good to know the three forms of infrared light and their benefits:

Near Infrared Light - This is the shortest wavelength and it’s also known as low-level light therapy. It uses special LEDs to pass through the first layer of the skin and encourage cell health and skin rejuvenation, promote collagen production and diminishes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, reduces cellulite, clears acne, eczema, psoriasis, makes wounds heal faster, and overall makes the skin look radiant.

Mid Infrared Light - This has a mid-wavelength that penetrates through the muscles, joints, and tendons. This wave lessens arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, reduces tension throughout the entire body and has shown to promote weight loss.

Far Infrared Light - This is the most common type of light used in home infrared saunas and has the longest wavelength. Also, this wavelength penetrates the deepest out of all of the three. It helps the body to expel toxins from the fat layer and also helps your body to release toxins from your internal organs. This occurs when the toxins go through the organs to the fat tissue under the skin, then the body gets rid of them in perspiration. Additionally, far infrared light is beneficial for sufferers of cardiovascular issues, since it helps to lower blood pressure. 

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