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Here are Some Reasons to Seek Out an Infrared Sauna for Sale

Here are Some Reasons to Seek Out an Infrared Sauna for Sale

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If you’re eyeing more than one infrared sauna for sale, then looking at the prices of the different ones on the market is probably going to play an essential part in your decision-making process. Infrared saunas have all sorts of health benefits, and it’s no wonder they’ve grown so popular in recent years.

However, not all saunas are created equal, and grabbing the cheapest one that’s out there can backfire in a big way. Here's how to tell that the sauna you’ve chosen is going to work out well for many months and years to come.

Carbon Fiber Panels

The price range for infrared saunas is diverse. It’s possible to find an infrared sauna that is as cheap as $200, or they can be as expensive as $3,000 if you’re looking at one of the high-end, multi-person models. But while sauna prices can certainly to make a difference, you should also look at the heat sources and the materials used.

The far infrared saunas with carbon fiber panels are popular these days, and they’re usually not very expensive. They can be a nice mid-range option price-wise, and many of them come with reasonable limited warranties.  If you go this route, look for a combination of polyester exterior fabric, durable reflective polyester material inside, and cotton insulation.

This variety is heated through carbon fiber panels, and it usually comes with a convenient remote control.  Look for this variety to get as hot as 140 degrees, which is pleasant and nowhere near as intense as a traditional steam-heated sauna.

No Plywood

You should also avoid any model that uses plywood, regardless of the sort of heat element that is being utilized. The prices of infrared saunas that are built of plywood are almost always going to be lower, but it’s not worth the money that you’re saving. Plywood saunas are often put together in such a way that long-term use will cause them to warp, and seldom can you find one where the warranty is longer than 90 days.

Instead, you'll want one that is built with FSC-certified “green wood.” These are varieties where there are no harmful chemicals added. An excellent choice is Canadian hemlock, double-layered, if possible. This is one of the types that offers you sturdy construction that will allow for thousands of sauna sessions without any noticeable interior damage.

Far infrared sauna prices vary in the same way that TV or vehicle prices vary. You might have a no-name brand of TV or an off-brand car that looks like a more expensive one, but once you start to see some of the negative reviews online, you’ll understand why the difference in cost is justified.

If you’re going to get an infrared sauna for home use, don’t select the cheapest one and call it a day. Think about how much you must spend, but also do a little research to make sure that the variety you’ve chosen isn’t going to harm you or fall apart after the first few weeks. Sauna cost should be only one of the many determining factors on your list.

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