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Home Wellness Starts with an In-Home Sauna

Home Wellness Starts with an In-Home Sauna

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Once a gym luxury, an in-home sauna is becoming a widespread health and fitness trend. While not  identical to the typical steam and rocks sauna, the home sauna makes use of far infrared technology, which effectively mimics the traditional bath. This gives a new meaning to the phrase: "Health and wellness starts  at home."

How an In-Home Sauna Contributes to Your Wellness

A home sauna from JNH Lifestyles is one of the best investments you can make.  This is because you can benefit from it both physically and spiritually.  Below are some of the ways a far infrared sauna can work for you.

  • Your body experiences relaxation.

Heat penetrates your body once you step into a sauna. When this happens, the blood circulates throughout your body, producing wonderful effects such as muscle pain healing, improved circulation, and increased metabolic rate.  The best part of  is that it all happens at home, the  place that you feel most comfortable.  

  • Your physical beauty improves.

Once you’re in a home sauna, you start sweating. Unlike the sweat you get from rush hour traffic, this is a purposeful and purifying  kind of sweat.

Since you’re almost (or completely) nude, the sweat is able  to seep out of your body’s pores, eliminating dirt and giving you clear skin. Unpleasant toxins like lead, nicotine, and mercury are eliminated via perspiration, easing your feeling.

A sauna session is as good as or  better than a regular bath, as it washes away  elements that are buried deep within the skin, and all in the comfort of your home.

  • You can stay fit whatever the weather.

Okay, so the local gym is just a few blocks away, but what if it’s raining hard? Or  if a snowstorm is heading  your way? Weather can be unpredictable, and at worst, you can be stuck for days at your home, denying you your sauna fix. Such is not a problem when you have a sauna at home.

You can have your relaxing sweat bath at any time, and enjoy the health benefits to keep your fitness program on track. That way, when the snow clears, you can go out for a jog to make up for lost time.

  • You can personalize your treatment.

Home saunas have accessories that can help you achieve better results that fit your specific goals.

Backrests: that can give you better posture during your treatment

Infrared foot warmer: to direct heat at your feet, healing and relaxing them.

Chromotherapy light: to revitalize you mentally and spiritually

With so many options for an in-home sauna, you won’t give a second thought about your local gym's sweat bath again!

Feel at Home with an In-Home Sauna

With the convenience of far infrared saunas, health and wellness begins  at home. There’s nothing like a home infrared sauna from JNH Lifestyles to help you start and end your day with. Choose now from our wonderful selections on the website, or contact us at (800)528-3119 for more information.

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