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How Easy is it to Assemble a Home Sauna Kit?

How Easy is it to Assemble a Home Sauna Kit?

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If you have decided to buy a far infrared sauna for your home, then one of the factors  you should be aware of is that some of them come fully assembled, while with others  require assembly.  Also, there are some saunas that come with a very bare-bones design, while  others may include  all kinds of  accessories that might be part of the cost. Some research is going to be necessary so that you know what to expect once you have made your selection, but here is a general overview about what to look for from your home sauna kit.

Fully Assembled

If you get one of the fully assembled varieties, then that probably means you’re buying from a local dealer. They can ship it to you and set it up in your home, and if you buy one of the higher-end ones, then you might be able to get that delivery for free. Expect your far infrared sauna to come to you on the back of a truck or van, and likely it will require at least two people to carry it into your house or apartment.

Make sure that you have cleared a pathway to whatever room you have selected as the new home for your sauna, and  ensure that any children or pets have been moved out of the way before the delivery people bring your sauna inside. You don’t want a toddler or the cat to get trampled as the drop off is taking place.

Some Assembly Required

If you’ve bought a home sauna kit instead, then the pieces are likely to come in one or two boxes. Depending on whether it is a one or 2-person sauna, the weight may vary. The materials out of which the sauna is constructed also make a great deal of difference. Some of the cheaper varieties can be hefted quite easily by one person, but those with a more substantial design could weigh up to a couple of hundred pounds.

Some of the sauna panels might be large and cumbersome even if they are not especially heavy, so you’re probably going to want to have an extra friend or family member there to help you carry them. You should also check before your far infrared sauna arrives to see what tools you’ll need to have on hand. A power drill is probably going to be necessary, and possibly a hammer as well.

If the sauna comes with other accessories, you may need other tools, but there should be mention of that on the website. If you’re uncertain about what you’re going to need, you may wish to contact the manufacturer before your sauna arrives.

The brand of sauna and everything that it comes with are going to mean your setup experience could be different from someone else’s, and if you know that you’re particularly bad with tools, you may wish to pursue only the far infrared sauna options that come fully assembled. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can tackle a home sauna kit, but you should be aware of your limitations before you do. 

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