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How To Prepare Your Home For An Infrared Sauna

How To Prepare Your Home For An Infrared Sauna

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Before you buy your infrared sauna, you should consider how you are going to go about installation and assembly in your own home. Do you know where you are going to place it? Do you have the right power requirement(regular outlet or 20 amps for the larger JNH Lifestyles units)? Can you install it on your own, or do you need assistance? The list goes on and on, so it's best we get started!

What To Do Before You Buy An Infrared Sauna?

Before you can ask how much does a sauna cost, you need to know what you have to do. First of all, scope a place in your home you think is suitable for an infrared sauna. Are you adding it to a workout room? Bedroom or bathroom? Creating a man cave? A She Shed? A zen room? Do you want it on display for all to see and experience? After you have done that, consider the help you will need for installation. Are you able to assemble your cabin on your own or do you need assistance?

What To Ask Before You Buy A Sauna?

Asking the right questions is key to buying the perfect sauna and can result in less damage and despair when it arrives at your front door. Also, everybody likes to grab a good deal, and know what they are getting for their money. Some questions you can ask are the following:

  • How do you pack the sauna?
  • How is the sauna shipped?
  • What is included in the cost of shipping?
  • How can I get the sauna inside my house?
  • Are the parts heavy?
  • Can I assemble it by myself?
  • What tools do I need for a home sauna installation?
  • How do I assemble a sauna?
  • How soon after installation can I start using my new one person sauna?

How Is The Sauna Packed And Shipped?

Most of the time, companies send out their far infrared saunas disassembled in as little boxes as they possibly can. However, this all depends on the model, size, and accessories you have purchased. Generally, the shipping weight for such an item is about three hundred pounds. To avoid damage during transit, many manufacturers put the boxes on a pallet. Also, they may use plywood and strapping to create a protective crate that surrounds the box. Within the box, the components are securely wrapped and packed for extra protection.

What Is Included In The Shipping Costs?

Some infrared sellers will offer free shipping, which is awesome! However, there is a slight catch to this because many freight companies draw the line of their responsibility towards your new purchase when they bring your boxed and crated sauna to the back of the truck in front of your home! So, in a nutshell, it is YOU who is responsible for getting the freight off the truck. Therefore, make sure that when the sauna seller has won you over with the benefits of using a sauna, don’t forget to ask whether the free shipping involves carrying the sauna boxes into your front door. This can save you a lot of time and hassle trying to drag boxes of sauna parts up to your driveway.

What To Do If The Shipping Company Only Delivers Outside Of My Home?

Getting a sauna off a huge truck is not an easy feat! Nonetheless, you do have a few options that can make this chore go a lot easier and smoother. So, when you find out free delivery involves you and maybe a bunch of your friends rolling up your sleeves, start planning in advance.

Try to request for a truck that has a lift gate. If you don’t know what a life gate is, it is a convenient feature on many carrier vehicles that has either an electric or hydraulically operated platform that lowers the freight from the truck bed to the ground. Then, all you (and perhaps a kind friend ) have to do is carry the boxes inside your home.

Can You Assemble Your Home Sauna On Your Own?

Perhaps!? This really depends on how strong and handy you are with DIY projects. You do want to make sure you build the sauna properly, because not only does it provide many incredible health benefits but it’s also a lavish piece of furniture that adds a lot of value to your home. No matter where you place your sauna, at least two of its faces will be exposed. Therefore, you don’t want any scratches, stains, or damage to any of the surfaces during the sauna installation process.

If you are confident enough to safely stand up, balance and connect the sauna walls together, that’s perfect. However, keep in mind you have to somehow safely lift the ceiling panel over your head and place it on the wall assembly. This might require some buddies to come over or professionals; and if you are building a 6 person sauna, more elbow grease is involved.

Do You Need Tools To Install Your Sauna?

Many infrared saunas don’t need any special tools to install, but it is a good idea to have a screwdriver and a set of pliers on hand to make sure you have a good hold of the screws and they are securely tightened.

How Do You Assemble A Far Infrared Sauna?

Generally speaking, assembly is very easy and all saunas come with the manufacturer's step by step instructions. Here is a basic overview of what to expect when installing your new home sauna.

  1. Put the base on a level part of the floor near an electrical outlet
  2. Install the walls
  3. Install the ceiling
  4. Connect the electrical fittings
  5. Place the bench inside the infrared sauna room
  6. Place any other accessories

Buying an infrared sauna is overwhelming, but an exciting experience that you will never regret. It is crucial that once you have decided on the type of infrared sauna you want, ask the right questions that will help you understand what is involved with the shipping, delivery, and installation of your new health investment. 

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