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Infrared Saunas as Meditation Tools: An Incentive on Sauna Prices

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If you’re finding it hard to slow down your busy life, then an infrared sauna can offer the calm oasis you’ve been searching for. Ancient cultures across the globe have known of the healing power of saunas for generations, and thanks to numerous studies, science strongly agrees.

From improved bodily processes to less pain, and youthful skin, the health benefits of an infrared sauna are numerous. And because of the solitude and serenity it offers, a home sauna can be the perfect place to restore balance to your life through a meditation sweat ritual.

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An Infrared Sauna as a Meditation Tool

Meditation is proven to have a profound effect on your body and mind. Numerous studies have found that even 10 minutes of daily meditation can improve concentration, relieve stress, and promote good health.

Add an infrared sauna to the mix, and you gain so much more. For instance, those who practice meditation in the sauna report feeling less tension, less anxiety, higher-quality sleep at night, and enhanced mindfulness throughout the day. They also experience improved digestion, better skin, higher energy levels, and a stronger immune system.

More than ever, greater mindfulness and being attuned to your mind and body can help you combat all the stressors you encounter every day. Meditation is also a great way to switch up your sauna routine. If you’re interested in this practice but unsure how to begin, here are some tips to get you started.

Prepare Your Body, Set the Atmosphere

  • Drink lots of water before you start your session. Infrared heat is therapeutic, but you need to replace all those fluids you lose through sweating.
  • Just as you won’t go jogging on a full stomach, make sure not to eat too much before the session as well.
  • Lesser and looser is better when it comes to clothing. Wear something comfortable, and never wear jewelry inside a sauna.
  • Set the sauna at your preferred temperature before you enter. This will help set the mood, and you'll be able to relax immediately. Some portable saunas for sale have premium audio systems, so you might want to have some meditation audios on hand if you need a guide.
  • Once you start meditating, be sure to listen to your body’s reactions. You should always be comfortable and relaxed throughout your time in the sauna.

Dive into the Meditation

  • Once you’re in the sauna, lean against the wall while sitting in an upright position. Relax your hands and lay them gently on your lap. Notice the heat around you, for instance, observe how it feels on your face and body.
  • Focus on your breathing and close your eyes. Perhaps breathe through your mouth and notice how it feels.
  • Your thoughts will naturally wander as you meditate. Just notice it and bring your attention back to your breath.
  • A few minutes inside the sauna and you’ll start to sweat. Consider the sweating as a holistic cleansing. Visualize it detoxifying your body from negative emotions, toxins, and stress.
  • Listen to what your body tells you: there is no required length for meditation practice or sweat sessions. If you think you’ve had enough, feel free to end the experience. If you want more, then continue until you’ve reached your goal.

A Sanctuary for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Without a doubt, an infrared sauna is an ideal venue for the ancient practice of meditation. With many wonderful home saunas in the market, you can practice mindfulness right in your favorite room. We’d love to help you find the best sauna prices for your budget, as well as the type, accessories, and other elements that will create the right sauna for you. Call us at JNH Lifestyles today!

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