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Invest in Sauna Cost and Experience Faster Scar Healing

Invest in Sauna Cost and Experience Faster Scar Healing

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Infrared heat helps soften the skin and release impurities to diminish the raised areas of a scar. Over time, infrared saunas can significantly reduce the color and prominence of scar tissues. As you search for the right sauna cost and unit for your home, you can look forward to scar healing as one of the many health benefits you’ll get from your infrared sauna.

Healing Scars with Infrared Sauna

Scars are a natural part of the healing process. When your skin is cut, scraped, or burned, the body replaces the damaged tissues with a fresh, fibrous layer to aid with healing and protect the area.

Scar tissue typically has a noticeable color that’s lighter or darker than the patient’s normal skin tone. It can also be raised and thicker than the surrounding skin. If typical scar medication is not working for you, then it might be time  to give infrared saunas a try.

  • Treating Old Scars

Your body releases toxins as you sweat inside an infrared sauna. These toxins are flushed out through the pores, including impurities that contribute to scar tissue. Infrared heat can:

• Minimize tough and hardened exterior of old scars

• Fade scar color

• Loosen up and soften scar tissue to help it return to normal

Scar size usually remains the same, but consistent sauna use can significantly reduce the thickness and appearance of scars.  For best results, aim for an average of 20 minutes per session for optimum scar healing.

  • Preventing Scar Formation

Aside from lightening old scars, sauna health benefits include preventing scars from forming in the first place. Let’s look at this process step by step:

• High sauna heat causes increased blood circulation

• Infrared heat reaches deeply into arteries and veins as well

• Extremities receive oxygen-rich blood thanks to an enhanced flow

• Blood platelets will converge at the injured area and stick together

• Repair of skin, joints, muscle fibers, tendons, and other damaged parts immediately begins

The increased blood flow is the key to accelerated scar healing because it causes the blood to deliver an increased  number of platelets to the injury. This speeds up healing time so that new scars don’t get a chance to form.

Standard Scar Tissue vs. Internal Scar Tissue

In many aspects, internal scars are very similar to the standard type. However, they are located inside the body due to internal damage such as a torn tendon or muscle. Your joints and ligaments can sustain internal scars for numerous reasons such as physical injuries, surgery, or repetitive motion.

Since infrared heat can penetrate several inches into tissue, it’s effective for healing internal scars as well. As a result, you’ll feel less pain and more mobility in affected areas.

Make Skin Stronger with Infrared Heat

Regular infrared sauna sessions can make skin more resistant to damage. As you go through your day, your skin is barraged by sun, wind, rain, and pollution. This brings down the elasticity and strength of your skin.

Infrared heat can help reverse this process. The relaxing heat restores elasticity and strength of the skin. With daily sauna use, even minor scrapes will have a difficult time penetrating skin tissue.

Infrared Saunas: Healing Scars and More

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