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Is It Worth It To Invest in a Portable Infrared Sauna? We Examine the Benefits

Is It Worth It To Invest in a Portable Infrared Sauna? We Examine the Benefits

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You might have heard about ownership of an infrared sauna from a friend or relative and thought about getting one for the many health benefits that they provide. But there are other aspects of sauna use that you should consider, especially as it applies to the difference between  the traditional steam saunas that you see in health clubs and gyms and the in-home infrared sauna.  Research in this area might result in getting a portable infrared sauna based on  how easy to set up they are.

The Steam Sauna vs. The Infrared Sauna

If you’re not familiar with  infrared sauna,  they are saunas that use heat elements to emit  far infrared rays.  They are the same as those produced naturally by the sun. As you sit in the sauna, the rays enter your body and heat it rather than the air around you,  as is the case with steam saunas.

Many people prefer the far infrared sauna to the steam one because the heat from a steam sauna can easily be overpowering. That’s generally going to be the case if you’re an older adult and you want to use a sauna regularly, or if you have a heart condition.

It’s not uncommon for steam saunas to reach temperatures of 180 or 190 degrees. That’s too high  for some people, but far infrared saunas can be set to 130 or 140 degrees, which is much more tolerable. That element alone is enough to convince some people to make the change to far infrared saunas.

The Portability Issue

One of the other reasons that people like far infrared saunas over steam-heated ones is because steam-heated saunas aren’t portable.  The steam sauna at the health club or  your home sure isn’t going anywhere.  It will permanently remain where it was built, which becomes an issue if you want flexibility.   One of the things that many individuals like about the far infrared sauna is that it can be moved around from one area to another as you see fit.

Far infrared saunas can be delivered to your house, and depending on what company you got yours from, you can either assemble it yourself, or it might come wholly or partially assembled. Whatever the case may be, these saunas are much smaller than the steam heated ones, so you can move them around till you locate the place that you think is most practical for you.

You can have yours inside, set up in a corner of the den or living room. You can carry it down to the basement or out to the garage.  All you'll need is an electrical outlet so you can plug yours in.

Some of these far infrared saunas are heavy enough that two people will be required to move them, but some are light enough for  one person can transport them. It’s hard to overstate the convenience factor at play here. You can change the position of your infrared sauna as many times as you like.

The 2-Person Infrared Sauna

It also bears mentioning that these far infrared saunas that are available for home use do not have to be used by one person alone. You might feel like the far infrared sauna is not the perfect solution for you because you like to have sauna time along with a spouse or partner, and you feel like you can do that in a steam sauna. However, there are also companies that will sell you a 2-person sauna or even a 3-person variety. They are somewhat larger, but still highly portable as compared to the steam version.

Why is the 2-Person Sauna So Appealing?

If you have never tried a 2-person sauna, it can be an opportunity to spend some alone time with your significant other. You can send the kids to the neighbors for an hour, and the two of you can strip down, sit in the sauna, and let the relaxing heat wash over you.

You can have a conversation about something, or you don’t have to talk about anything at all. You can both listen to music, or you can bring headphones or earbuds, and you can listen to nature sounds from one of the many excellent apps that are available. You’ll be amazed at how close you can feel to your partner when you incorporate some joint sauna time into your weekly routine.

How About a 3-Person Sauna?

A 3-person sauna can be fun as well. Maybe you want to sit in the 3-person sauna with your partner or spouse and a friend. It might be that you invite a couple of friends over so that they can try the far infrared sauna if they have never seen one before. You may find that you become so enthusiastic about your sauna that you want to show yours off. Many far infrared sauna owners become cheerleaders for this variety because of how much they love theirs.

Once you buy a far infrared sauna, you’ll see how the whole family will enjoy it. They’re safe for kids, and if you have an older relative living in the house then they will surely love it. They can sit in the relaxing heat and it will ease the pain from arthritis and stiff joints. Your neighbors will likely be jealous of your far infrared sauna, but if you’re feeling generous then you can let them use yours. Chances are they will want to buy one for themselves sooner rather than later.

A far infrared sauna may not be a necessity, but they are becoming fixtures in modern homes for the reasons we described, and many others besides. Sauna ownership is now something that is possible for virtually anyone, so take advantage of the many deals and discounts that are out there and select the company and model that makes the most sense for your unique situation.

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