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Is There a Connection Between Infrared Sauna Use and Weight Loss?

Is There a Connection Between Infrared Sauna Use and Weight Loss?

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Weight loss from  an infrared sauna seems too good to be true at first.  After all, when you’re sitting in a far infrared sauna, you’re not exercising, so how could you lose weight that way?   It is indeed possible to lose weight through regular use of an infrared sauna, provided you temper your expectations and approach it with the right attitude.

Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

Let’s first address the issue of whether saunas in general help you lose weight or whether it is specifically far infrared saunas that allow you to do so. As it turns out, you can lose weight through the use of either  a traditional steam sauna or a far infrared sauna. The way the weight is lost is through calories when you sweat. During a 45-minute session, you can drop 600-850 calories, depending on your metabolism.

The infrared sauna is excellent for boosting your heart rate,  metabolic rate, and  cardiac output. Your blood flow rises from 5-to-7 quarts per minute all the way up to 13. As you feel yourself begin to sweat, you know that the process is working.  Although you’re not moving, your body is working overtime, and you can drop some pounds and inches over time if you remain persistent with your sessions.

Before you tax your body through sauna sessions, you should be sure that your heart is in good shape. If you have elevated blood pressure or a history of strokes or heart attacks, then you should communicate with a doctor before you try this technique. It’s effective, but if the heat is too much for you, then you’re better off pursuing some other weight loss options. Don’t worry; there are tons of different ways to drop those pounds.

Does a Sauna Burn Fat?

This is another question that is asked with some regularity as it relates to saunas. It would not be precisely accurate to say that a sauna “burns fat.” Instead, you can lose fat through burning calories, but the process is sped up if you also exercise and eat correctly.

Maintaining the proper balance between a healthy diet, exercise, and sauna use is the most important thing to retain about saunas and weight loss. If you sit in a far infrared sauna for hours at a time but then you get out and eat a whole pepperoni pizza, then you’re being counterproductive. 

It makes much more sense to have  a lengthy sauna session every other day while doing  aerobic workouts, yoga, practice martial arts, and  jogging in conjunction. The more different athletic activities in which you engage, the better, and your chances of sculpting your body the way that you want will increase.

Along with your sauna use, you should also eat a balanced diet that is low in sugar and sodium. Avoid processed foods and be sure to drink plenty of water and consume lots of fiber. Take it easy on carbs, especially refined ones like white bread and pasta. Eat lots of vegetables,  fruits, legumes, and snack on things like raw almonds. If you change your diet and exercise routine while  you are engaging in your sauna sessions, then the makeover that you’re looking for can more easily materialize.

Don’t Just Take the Weight Off, But Keep It Off

Have you ever been a yoyo dieter? If so, it can be highly frustrating. You get down to your target weight, but then you slowly see the weight balloon again over a period of weeks or months. If you’ve ever thought “does a sauna help you lose weight?” then possibly you’ve been looking for some magical formula that breaks the cycle. We’ve established that you burn calories in a sauna, but just like with diet and exercise, you need to stick with your sauna routine if you want to keep yourself trim and healthy.

How Can You Do It?

The way to keep the weight off is by sticking to the fundamentals of the routine that worked  in the first place. That means that you can’t let up on your sauna sessions, nor  go back to eating how you did before. If you’re dedicated to staying fit, then that means changing your life permanently and not reverting to bad habits.

It helps if you think about the kinds of foods that you like and the types of exercise that  you are capable of. Not everyone can do something as intense as CrossFit. You need to carefully assess what your body can do and then don’t push it past its limits. If you do, you can easily hurt yourself.

As for food, make a list of the items that you like, and then try to eliminate the ones that are the most unhealthy. You don’t need to never eat those foods again, but you should allow yourself to have them as treats perhaps a couple of times per month.

Of all  these steps toward fitness, though, the time in an infrared sauna should be the easiest  because it’s enjoyable rather than laborious. There’s not much of a challenge to sitting in a far infrared sauna and sweating out  calories for 45 minutes. It’s a time of relaxation for you, and the infrared sauna weight loss that you achieve can be thought of as a happy side effect.

Now you know whether a sauna burns fat and calories, and you know that if you stick with your sessions along with some other lifestyle changes, then you can achieve anything. Infrared sauna weight loss isn’t a  fairy tale; it  is entirely achievable as long as you don’t expect an instant, dramatic transformation. Like anything  that is worth doing, it can be a tough process. But if you stick with it then you’ll love the new you, so get yourself a far infrared sauna today. There are many excellent varieties to  choose from.

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