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Low-EMF Home Sauna Kit: Your Best Choice for Health and Wellness

Low-EMF Home Sauna Kit: Your Best Choice for Health and Wellness

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A home infrared sauna mirrors the traditional Finnish setup but with even more benefits. With the convenience and flexibility of a  home sauna kit, people no longer have to visit a health club to get the sauna experience.

If you’re planning to buy your own sauna, be sure to consider the level of EMF it emits. Since infrared saunas run on electricity, there is the possibility that EMF could affect the health of the users. Companies like JNH Lifestyles are mindful of this, exploring ways on how EMF can be controlled for their products. For your safety, be sure to check on EMF levels when buying your sauna.

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic fields or EMF are energy waves coming from any electrical source. These fields are typically below 300 Hertz. EMFs are not exclusively a man-made phenomenon: they are also present in nature, notably in areas where thunderstorms are frequent.

At present, human-made electrical devices are still the biggest source of EMFs. Reading from your computer screen alone, you are already exposed to EMFs. While seemingly harmless, the increase in EMFs in the past century has led studies on how these fields can affect a person’s health.

A study by the California Electric and Magnetic Fields Program in 2002 found that high-EMF levels can cause an increased risk of brain cancer, leukemia, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In light of these findings, manufacturers have placed controls on EMF levels emitted by their devices.

Assurance of Low-EMF

The emergence of the electricity-powered  personal infrared sauna has made many people concerned about the effects of EMF on their health. This concern is understandable: sauna users often wear little of no clothing when they use the facility, leaving their body exposed and vulnerable.

JNH Lifestyles understand the concern regarding EMF emission. This is why we carefully evaluate each sauna in our selections and assess the EMF output once they are plugged in. To get the highest standard of quality assurance, we have teamed up with Intertek – the world’s number one testing and certifying company. Test results show that all our saunas are guaranteed to produce low to zero-EMF.

Zero-EMF Featured Products

At JNH Lifestyles, we are proud that all our portable saunas have a low-EMF reading. For the best low-EMF sauna experience, we recommend the Ensi and Tosi Infrared Sauna Collections.

  • Ensi Collection – This selection of saunas allow you to have the best sweat bath experience at zero-EMF levels. Each facility has an open, transparent design so that you don't feel locked in while having your sauna treatment. You can also appreciate its open design at night, thanks to the built-in LED-lighting system.

  • Tosi Collection – This is the only true full-spectrum sauna in the market. Its built-in heaters emit a combination of mid and far infrared rays, while its advanced LED lights emit near infrared rays. In spite of its broad infrared spectrum, the saunas still emit low-EMF. Thus, you can enjoy the benefit of every infrared wavelength, without the health risks.

Ready to experience a home  sauna infrared at its best? Call JNH Lifestyles now at 800-528-3110 and find out the best sauna for you!

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