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Other Types of Far Infrared Saunas Deliver the Same Health Benefits as a Low EMF Sauna

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Surveys point to a noticeable increase in the number of health-conscious consumers in the U.S. People are flocking to organic food sections, buying materials and cleansers proven to be eco-friendly, enrolling in gym or yoga memberships, and bicycling or running near their homes. Accordingly, they seek products and services good for their overall personal health without putting severe dents in their pocketbooks. Trending in this "safe-buy" movement, the low EMF sauna continues to win followers, some who formerly questioned its health effects.

Are Low EMF Sauna Really Better than Other Types of Infrared Saunas?

What is EMF? What are Its Effects?

Electromagnetic field (EMF) is an amalgamation of electric field, magnetic field, and radiofrequency radiation. An electric field is detected when there is electric potential or voltage present. Magnetic field, on the hand, arises whenever an electrical appliance is actively using electrical current. Meanwhile, radiofrequency radiation rises from modern technological advances such as wireless communication devices. Together these three emit electromagnetic radiation.

EMF exists wherever these three elements collectively exist. In infrared saunas, their presence is mitigated by introducing preventive measures, such as proper wiring installation (to suppress the electric field). Offering modern infotainment as optional (to avoid radiofrequency) poses another means of EMF mitigation in saunas, while using either carbon fiber or ceramic heaters decreases the potential for a magnetic field.

Depending on its levels, EMF can potentially cause irreparable and irreversible damage to your body. Subsequently, low EMF saunas find favor from a substantial percentage of sauna users.

Should Saunas with Higher EMF Worry You?

In short, no. Low EMF users choose that route because they want to be extra careful. Worries about using a standard far infrared sauna are essentially moot. The U.S. guidelines remain inconclusive on the effects of EMFs produced in infrared saunas when it comes to contact on the human body. Most infrared saunas emit electromagnetic radiation at base levels. Therefore, regardless of the close distance between the human body and the source of heat or heaters in a sauna, the possibility of developing serious health effects remains low if existent at all.

While you might feel much more assured and more protected by using a zero-to-low EMF sauna in your home, no evidence exists to warrant the shunning of other forms of infrared saunas. You need not exclude these other types of EMF saunas from your sauna shopping list because in the end, the benefits of far infrared saunas in general far outweigh any concerns over their EMF emissions.


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