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Reap The Wonderful Benefits Of Infrared Heat With A Home Sauna Kit

Reap The Wonderful Benefits Of Infrared Heat With A Home Sauna Kit

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Acquiring and installing a home sauna kit is a safe and effective way to get the health benefits of far infrared heat. Many people are choosing to adding a sauna in their own home, eliminating the need to trek out to their local gym or spa for their daily sauna sessions.

What Is A Home Sauna Kit?

JNH Lifestyles’ proprietary, modularized sauna structure makes it easy to assemble, replace existing parts, or break down and move from one room or location to another usually in 20 minutes or less! Of course this is after the initial install.

When you receive your home sauna kit from JNH Lifestyles, there will be 3 pre-built insulated walls, the tempered glass door, a ceiling and floor panel, all easily buckling together. Add to that sauna heaters, optional sauna accessories and a sauna bench, all you easily install within your cabin utilizing a screwdriver. There’s no need to call a handyman to help you build the home sauna since the instructions and pre-built materials make the process go without a hitch. Although a home sauna kit isn’t portable, it can be effortlessly disassembled and moved to another location.

What Is Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat uses the principles of the Sun. The Sun radiates infrared light which reaches the earth with nearly no losses and heats it up. For instance, if you were on the mountains on a glacier and it’s 23°F (5°C) and cloudy, you’ll feel cold. However, when the Sun comes out, it quickly becomes a nice day and feels like 59°F (15°C). You could actually lie on the glacier and still feel warm.

Infrared light heats up objects and not the air. This is good, especially in a sauna where you want to feel very comfortable. Infrared heat is very enjoyable and immediately takes effect. The air temperature might still be cool, yet in an infrared sauna, you’ll feel comfortably warm just like you would in the above glacier example.

As mentioned, infrared heat is normally produced by the Sun. The light that the Sun emits is a combination of visible and invisible light. (The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. ). Obviously, the seven colors of the rainbow are visible lights, whereas infrared rays and ultraviolet rays are invisible lights. It is the far infrared energy that the doctor ordered because it penetrates the skin and increases circulation to help the body flush out harmful toxins.

How Does Infrared Heat Benefit The Body?

Besides the fact that a sauna is a place people go to find a deeper state of serenity, where the tech-addicted can unplug and athletes as well as gym devotees can heal their tired and worn out bodies, there are many advantageous health benefits for everybody. Here are some significant health benefits you can gain from regular infrared sauna sessions.


When the body sweats, it’s a natural way for it to eliminate toxins which is an important part of detoxification. When placed side by side to traditional Swedish saunas, infrared saunas support the body to get rid of about seven times more toxins. As a result, the sauna user leaves feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after every sauna session.

Increased Circulation

The infrared heat effectively heats up the muscles and produces an increase in blood flow that happens much the same as during exercise. Sufferers of chronic muscle or joint pain experience much sought-after relief because infrared saunas reduce this form of inflammation by raising circulation and relaxing the muscles.

Burn Calories

If you’re battling the bulge, an infrared sauna can help make your weight loss mission easier and more successful. Research has proven that an infrared sauna session can burn about 600 calories. As the body is working hard to cool itself down, there is a considerable boost in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate which results in the body burning more calories.

Skin Purification

Near-infrared wavelengths are revered as the most effective wavelength for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Near-infrared treatments encourage collagen production to fade wrinkles and correct skin tone.

Improve Immunity

A fever is the body’s natural way of strengthening and speeding up the body’s immune response when infection arises. This improved immune system, together with better elimination of toxins and wastes through intense sweating, boosts your overall health and protection against disease.


Daily infrared sauna use helps to balance the body’s cortisol levels, which is your body’s main stress hormone. Also, the sauna produces a heat that helps to relax muscles and relieve tension within the entire body to let the body relax and de-stress.

How To Sweat In An Infrared Sauna?

Now that you understand sweating is vital for good health, you want your body to perspire efficiently. This will allow your body to remove impurities from your cells, especially the cells inside your fat where the body generally stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals. Here’s how to sweat optimally for the best health benefits:

Step 1: Get Hydrated

Drink heaps of water to get your body ready for the sweat fest it’s attending. Not being properly hydrated can make you feel ill and can cause bodily damage.

Step 2: Get Undressed

Get undressed and wear something as minimum as possible. If you want to take a rinse in the shower prior to your sauna session, go right ahead. When you make your way to the sauna, have a towel in hand so you can sit on it in the sauna.

Step 3: Select The Color

If you have a chromotherapy color feature in your sauna, now is the time to select the color you want, or just turn all the lights off, relax and start sweating.

Step 4: Adjust Temperature

Make the sauna as warm as you like. The temperature range goes as high as 140°F, but 120°F is hot enough.

Step 5: Completed Sauna Session

When you’ve finished your sauna session, or you feel too hot, open the door for a few minutes and rest in the sauna. This gives your body some time to adjust to the different temperature outside the sauna. If you want to take a shower at this point, you may do so.

Step 6: Have Fun

Enjoy the rest of your day and the wonderful health benefits you’ve just reaped. 

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