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Sauna Infrared Heat Can Help Maintain a Healthy, High-Functioning Brain

Sauna Infrared Heat Can Help Maintain a Healthy, High-Functioning Brain

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For centuries, many cultures across the world have enjoyed the endless health benefits of saunas. Most notable are the Finns who have deeply embedded regular sweat sessions into their culture. However, for many Americans the use of a sauna is seen as an indulgence only used at the gym or during vacation. Yet studies have found that consistent exposure to  sauna infrared heat can have a significant impact on how the brain works and in maintaining optimum brain health.

Small Step, Tremendous Impact

Spending 15 minutes or so relaxing inside a home infrared sauna doesn’t have to be a big deal. Even if you have a busy schedule it won’t even take much time out of your day. Yet this simple strategy can have a brilliant effect on your health.

Here are just a few benefits of sauna infrared heat:

▪ It flushes out toxins from your body.

▪ It improves your circulation.

▪ It enhances mitochondrial function.

▪ It kills disease-causing microbes.

▪ It helps muscles repair and recover faster.

Regular and regulated exposure to infrared heat has been proven to provide pain relief and increase mobility. Research also shows that consistent sauna use correlates with decreased risk of death from various conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

And in the interest of brain health, some studies have found that sauna use can help stave off dementia and brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

What the Research Tells Us

In Finland almost every home has a home sauna equipped with  sauna accessories, and public saunas are an invaluable part of tradition. Researchers from the country found that men who used the sauna up to seven times a week had a 66% lower risk of developing dementia. These men also demonstrated a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who only used the sauna just a week. Take note that the first group only spent an average of 15 minutes inside the sauna to gain those benefits.

For this study researchers spent more than two decades following over 2, 000 middle-aged men. The same results held even when the researchers took elements like socioeconomic and exercise into account.

How Infrared Heat Keeps Your Brain Healthy

Increased levels of norepinephrine and prolactin

Norepinephrine is a stress hormone that sharpens focus and attention. Sauna use enhances production of prolactin, which stimulates the myelin growth that aids in the repair of damaged nerve cells and helps the brain work faster.

Increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)

Heat stress has been found to increase BDNF, which activates brain stem cells and triggers them to convert into new neurons. BDNF is also responsible for triggering other brain chemicals that lead to greater neural health. Heat stress also helps your brain by:

         ◦ Enhancing the production of dynorphin, which sensitizes your brain to brain-friendly endorphins

         ◦ Increasing growth factors for brain neurons

         ◦ Preventing aggregation of proteins in the brain and arteries

Aside from maintaining excellent brain health, spending time inside a sauna also lowers anxiety and stress to help your brain function more smoothly. JNH Lifestyles can help you find the perfect  home sauna kit, so you can start enjoying your own sauna experience and reap the benefits.

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