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Science-Backed Evidence Proves the Health Benefits of No EMF Infrared Saunas

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You often hear about the wonders of the no EMF infrared sauna and its supposed health benefits. No EMF (electromagnetic field), can be deemed as a novel concept since EMFs are produced whenever an electrical potential (voltage) and an active electrical current (amperage) exist. Fortunately, the advances in technology make it possible for an electrical appliance, such as modern saunas, to release minimal to zero EMF while in use.

Scientists Cite the Health Benefits of Using a No EMF Infrared Sauna

What Is EMF and How Does It Affect the Body?

Electromagnetic field (EMF) is composed of electrically charged particles in constant motion, consequently creating a magnetic field. In the real world, the sources of EMF are practically everywhere. EMF can either be natural or man-made. It is especially strong in locations where a local buildup of electric charges (i.e. modern saunas) occurs.

Since EMF is not a novel phenomenon, people wrongly assume that it doesn't impart any adverse effects on the human body. This assumption sounds like it should be correct because the human body is capable of grounding EMF and EMR (electromagnetic radiation) because of the body’s natural electrical conductivity.

Unfortunately, the increasingly modern era is generating more EMF in the environment than encountered by humans in the past. Furthermore, various industrial equipment in the workplace and advances in telecommunication are not helping to reduce the sources of EMF.

According to much peer-reviewed scientific literature, long-term exposure to EMF can negatively affect various physiological systems in the human body. For example, research reviewed by the World Health Organization reveals that exposure to EMF can potentially alter your brain chemistry. The study concludes that exposure to EMF causes a significant decrease in levels of epinephrine and dopamine, as well as notable structural alterations in the hypothalamic regions of various test animals. In short, exposure to EMF of certain intensities can produce substantial local heating of the brain.

Cataract development has been long associated with EMF. Extensive research involving rabbits indicates that exposure to EMF at certain degrees for only an hour is enough to trigger the mechanism that eventually leads to a cataract condition.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that these adverse effects on human health are only possible when exposed to particular intensities and frequencies. In the case of low-to-zero EMF infrared saunas, the intensity and/or frequency is too low to negatively affect the health of those who use them. Even when a person uses the unit every single day, the accumulated EMF is still not nearly enough to cause consumer concern.

How Modern Infrared Saunas Solve EMF Concerns

To construct a low-to-zero EMF infrared sauna, most manufacturers choose to utilize either ceramic or carbon-fiber heaters to help negate the magnetic field created by the activated electrical current and potential. Furthermore, the electrical wiring of each unit is organized in such a way as to minimize the possibility of creating a magnetic field while in use.

As a side-benefit of using either ceramic or carbon-fiber heaters, the heat generated is distributed evenly. Thus, low-to-zero EMF infrared saunas can far outlast other types of infrared saunas. Another benefit of using carbon-fiber heaters centers on their lower heating temperature, which enables the user to stay inside the sauna for longer periods, thereby increasing the amount of toxins released from the body.

In conclusion, if you consider all research-based facts, it is difficult to argue that using a low-to-zero EMF infrared sauna is on the same level as other modern saunas. Scientific studies conducted indicate that a no EMF saunas not only open a wider window to expel toxins, but also ensures your safety in comparison to other contemporary saunas.


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