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Solo Heat: Selecting The Best One Person Sauna That Fits You

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With the cold days of fall on the horizon, many of you may be craving  heat-supplying devices such as sauna facilities. Are you a bachelor or bachelorette? You may want to consider availing of a one person sauna.

But aren’t  most saunas made for more than one person?  Believe it or not, a personal individual sized sauna is a popular choice.   The thought of having personal space while you rejuvenate yourself can make it even more fulfilling on your part.

A Personal Experience in the Sauna

Taking a sweat bath  alone is a rejuvenating and meditative experience, whether you prefer a  sauna traditional or modern sauna. The Finnish style sauna made use of  a stove as a heat source to make sure that the rocks reached high temperatures.  As a result, the rocks ensured  the sauna was heated in a range between 180 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

 However, in the 1960’s infrared saunas came onto the scene as alternatives for the traditional Finnish style.  While infrared saunas initially got a lukewarm reception,  people have since come to appreciate them  as they have been proven to be  healthy and beneficial to the body.

One or All, All or One

Infrared saunas  come in a range of sizes so that  groups can use  a sauna together, or  one person can use a smaller  sauna alone.  All of this boils down to preference, if you are open to sharing your space with others  while in a sauna, or if you would like it all to yourself.

Since you have decided to get a one-person sauna,  you are now more equipped to decide  what you need for it.  Here are some  things to consider:


How much does a sauna cost for one person? This should be one of the things you have at the top of your mind.  Infrared saunas have a wide ranges of prices, so you will have a number of choices that fit  your budget.

Comfort of Use

Look for the sauna most personable to you. Consider the safety of the wiring to ensure the quality and lasting power of the unit.   For example, it should have electromotive force  wire shielding that will stop the wires from moving into contact with the wood.

Mark of Safety

It is imperative that you take note of saunas with proper certifications. If your sauna is not duly certified, it has  the risk of containing toxic chemicals.

Location of Sauna

You can be flexible with the sauna’s placement. Some people may prefer using an outdoor sauna for safety reasons, but  others may prefer it in-home.  But whichever you like, you can be sure to find it  at JNH Lifestyles.

Choose the Best One Person Sauna

With an established name in portable infrared saunas, and selections that evoke natural comfort, you can be assured of a superior sauna experience once you finish  your workout. Quality time alone in the sauna would also be helpful in rejuvenating your senses. Call us at JNH Lifestyles so that you can avail of this quality offer.

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