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Stay Warm during Cold Season with an Infrared Home Sauna!

Stay Warm during Cold Season with an Infrared Home Sauna!

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The cold season can be hostile, and staying warm can be a challenge. Thankfully, you can indulge in a home sauna to keep the winter blues away.  As the snow continues to fall and you have nowhere to go, having a far infrared sauna at home can help you cope with the harsh weather.

Benefits of Home Sauna Sessions

With extreme cold weather, nothing beats staying warm in your personal sauna. Here’s why:

  • Experience full-body warmth to stay healthy

When you enter a sauna, be ready to feel the warmth all over your body. Doing this helps alleviate your body stress and sweats out harmful toxins from your system.

  • Uplift your mood

Sauna heat helps to stimulate blood circulation, which promotes a positive effect all over the body. The wood that the sauna is built from also contributes to your mood. For instance, red cedar, with its aromatic quality, is a delight to the senses.

  • Prevent diseases

During winter, cases of cold and flu heighten. This is a result of your body trying to adapt to the temperature. By stepping into a sauna, the heat enters your skin, nostrils, and mouth, providing relief to common colds and fever.

  • Promote bonding time with the family

If you have a sauna that can accommodate up to four people, you can use it to your advantage and bond with the family. Having a conversation has a relaxing effect on people, helping them to release emotions and relieve stress.

With so many things to do in the sauna, spending time inside will never get old!

Ideal Sauna for Every Person

 With so many different options, very in-home sauna is unique to the person using at.  Despite their uniqueness, these saunas have one purpose — to promote joyful, natural, and healthy living to any user. At JNH Lifestyles, we offer sauna collections that are fit for anyone.

  • Vivo Collection – This very affordable sauna line has minimal glass promote privacy at home. They are crafted from Canadian Hemlock and come with top grade carbon fiber heaters.
  • Joyous Collection – With the most carbon fiber heaters per unit on the market for its size, the Joyous Collection promises smoothness and relaxation like no other.
  • Freedom Collection – This indulgent collection is characterized by the Canadian Western Red Cedar wood’s texture and rich scent. Coupled with the carbon fiber heaters, this maximizes the heating for the sauna.
  • Ensi Collection – Being an open-style design collection, the Ensi Collection has been certified by Intertek with No EMF Reading. This distinction makes the sauna safe and pleasant for any user.
  • Tosi Collection – As the only full spectrum sauna on the market, the Tosi Collection gives you the complete benefit of both mid and far infrared rays.

Feel Freedom in Your Home Sauna

If you want a quick way to get warm, purchase a home infrared sauna now!  In case you get trapped in the snow again, you will have your own sweat bath to get rid of that wintertime sadness.

Check out JNH Lifestyles’ inventory now for special sauna offers! For more inquiries, feel free to fill out the contact form on our homepage.

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