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3 Benefits of a Portable Infrared Sauna Has Over Traditional Saunas

3 Benefits of a Portable Infrared Sauna Has Over Traditional Saunas

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Sauna technology has been used since the beginning of time even back in the medieval days. Back then, people sat in hot springs to achieve the desired effects. Nowadays, however, our technology has advanced much further so that you can bring a sauna virtually anywhere you please. There are different types of saunas on the market but a well-built infrared portable sauna is the one that has been most associated with numerous health benefits.

Effects Without the Steam

One of the first things that should be mentioned about infrared saunas is that they don't produce steam like traditional saunas do. Instead, they merely produce heat that only goes up to approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit rather than the more extreme temperatures of 185+ degrees Fahrenheit that traditional saunas reach. People who aren't used to the extreme temperatures produced by traditional saunas can find themselves feeling weakened during or after the session. This milder temperature allows those who want to cleanse their bodies of impurities to do so without having to be overwhelmed by the extremely high temperatures. Infrared saunas inspire a much deeper sweat at lower and safer temperatures due to the nature of their infrared technology.

No Humidity

Since infrared saunas don't utilize the steam that traditional ones do, they also don't rely on the humidity. Rather, infrared saunas rely solely upon heat generation from the infrared heaters found within them. A low humidity environment inside the sauna gives users a much more comfortable experience. Basically, if there’s less steam, the more you enjoy your time in the sauna which is ideal if you plan to stay long.

Energy Consumption

For those people who are concerned with protecting the environment and reducing the amount of carbon footprints they leave on the Earth, a quality portable infrared sauna is certainly more eco-friendly than traditional saunas. Traditional saunas cost nearly three times more energy to run as infrared units do. This means by investing in infrared saunas, you can significantly cut down energy consumption and save money in the process. Depending upon how often you use your sauna, this could make a significant impact on your energy bills.


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