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The 4 Factors You Should Be Looking For in Your Portable Sauna for Sale

The 4 Factors You Should Be Looking For in Your Portable Sauna for Sale

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When you are looking for a portable sauna for sale, it is likely that  a far infrared sauna has caught your eye. That is because they  are the only  saunas that are  truly be  portable, while traditional steam saunas are installed in one area and then remain there.

But what should you be looking for from a portable sauna for sale? These are the four portable sauna features that you should consider when you are narrowing down your selection.

The Price

If you had unlimited financial resources to purchase a far infrared sauna, then you could get the most expensive, top-of-the-line model with the best reviews and every conceivable feature. Few people have unlimited finances, though, so the rest of us need to choose from some of the more basic versions that are out there.

The portable far infrared sauna that is right for you shouldn’t be more than you can afford. If you can’t buy yours all at once, then several companies will allow you to purchase yours on an installment plan, and even if you get one of the pricier ones you should be able to afford it with virtually any budget. That’s because the technology has progressed to the point that far infrared saunas can be produced relatively cheaply.

Building Materials

The wood from which your far infrared sauna is constructed should also be a significant determining factor for you. You always want to avoid press board or particle board. Likewise, you want to watch out for  pine and spruce wood. They tend to warp, and if you're going to own your portable infrared sauna for several years, then you will  want to stay away from them.   These saunas are usually  much cheaper than the better options, too, so it shouldn’t be hard  to tell the difference.

So, what kind of wood is best when you’re looking at a portable sauna? It’s a matter of personal preference, but  hemlock and cedar are both  solid choices.

Hemlock is a hypoallergenic wood that that emits no toxins or fragrance. Those who have allergies will want to consider this option. It has very few knots, and it will not bend due to the temperature changes common in a sauna situation.

Cedar is a great choice because it has a natural resistance to moisture. Since temperature fluctuation will not cause it to contract and expand, you can be sure that a sauna made from it will last you for a long time. Western Redwood Cedar is a common choice for many companies, and it provides consistent quality.

Company Reputation

The reputation of the company which offers portable saunas for sale should also be on your mind. Just as you would not buy a used car from a dealer with a horrible reputation, the same can be said for far infrared saunas.

Look around online and see if you can find some forums where people are talking about their sauna purchases. It should not be too tough to locate some feedback on virtually any company that is out there. Better companies not only should have plenty of positive reviews, but you should also see how  they respond to negative comments.

The best companies are those that value their customers and their reputations, so if they see that someone has posted a negative review, they should have taken the time to try and get in touch with whoever posted it.  In their response, you’re looking for an apology from the company or  a genuine effort to correct the problem. A company that ignores negative online feedback probably makes inferior saunas, so look elsewhere if that seems to be the case. 

Customer Service

Related to this is customer service. If you have any queries about a model of portable sauna that a company offers, you ought to be able to get in touch with them via their website or social media channels, and  be met with a swift response. The longer you have to wait to hear from a company, the less trust you should have in them. A good sauna maker should be responsive and ready to interface with a potential customer. If your requests or questions are being ignored, move to the next one on the list.

If you live in one country, you might be better off buying a sauna from a company that is located there. It is not to say that a foreign company might not produce a good sauna. It’s just that if you have any questions or concerns, then it might be difficult to communicate with the makers of your sauna effectively. If you get a portable sauna from a company in the U.S., then you should have no issues finding out anything that you want about it.

If you have been looking for portable infrared saunas for a while, then you should quickly become familiar with the more trustworthy names in the industry. If you find a company that you’ve never heard of, but which is offering rock-bottom prices, be skeptical. A deal on your portable sauna that seems too good to be true probably is.

Go through a trusted brand and get a sauna that meets all  your needs, comes with the accessories you want, and has a generous warranty. That’s the best way to  get the portable sauna that you’ve wanted, and your whole family can enjoy it for a long time to come.

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