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There Are Many Infrared Sauna Benefits, And There’s No Need To Fear EMF

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There are lots of infrared sauna benefits that can help you regardless of your age or your quality of life, but there are a few people that are concerned about EMF emissions. What is the truth about EMF, and is it dangerous? We’ll examine that and see if we can’t get to the facts of the matter.

What Is EMF, And Is It Dangerous?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. When people talk about EMF, and they try to put a negative spin on it, what they’re probably concerned about is electromagnetic radiation. It sounds a little scary, but the truth is, it has been around since the universe began. We’re exposed to it every day, regardless of whether we spend time in a far infrared sauna. The most common form it takes is light. Radio frequencies, X-rays, these are all parts of the electromagnetic field, and they’re not harmful to us in limited doses.

It would be theoretically possible to be harmed by EMF, but only if an extremely high dosage of it was bombarding you. You might look at it like sitting out in the direct sunlight for hours at a time at ninety-degree temperatures. People understand that’s it’s harmful to do this, and they take precautions against it by using sunblock and avoiding direct sunlight for extended periods of time in the height of summer. Our home far infrared saunas do produce EMF, but only tiny doses of it. Even if you were to use your sauna every day, the amount of EMF you would receive is negligible. You would get a higher dosage from watching TV for a couple of hours, or standing in front of the microwave for a few minutes while it was in use.

Looked at in this way, you can see that fear about EMF is hysteria, and unfounded. Infrared waves are at the low end of the spectrum. They’re not intense at all, especially not if you’re only sitting in a sauna for twenty or thirty minutes. Our saunas use carbon fiber heaters, and they’re designed to emit the smallest amount of EMF possible. However, keep in mind that even if you were to elect not to use our saunas at all, you’d still be subjected to EMF in your home due to your other appliances, and outside due to natural light.

In conclusion, a small amount of EMF is not dangerous. Some people enjoy trying to identify the next big thing to fear, but making a case for EMF is a hard sell by any standards. The reality is that EMF has been around for all recorded history, and in low doses does us no harm. You can therefore enjoy the use of our far infrared saunas with no apprehension.

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