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Today We’ll Look at Different Features That You Might Get with A Home Sauna Kit

Today We’ll Look at Different Features That You Might Get with A Home Sauna Kit

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If you’ve bought a home sauna kit because you want to get in on the far infrared sauna craze, there might be some features that you may not immediately recognize. We’re going to go over some of what might come with your home sauna, and we’ll talk about how critical all of it is, or isn’t.

Hidden Interlock Systems

Some home infrared saunas come with hidden interlock systems that hold the walls together. There’s nothing to say that your sauna needs one of those. What’s vital is that the integrity of the sauna is maintained and that the heat cannot escape when it is in use. Whether the sauna company that you chose uses a buckle system, screws, or whatever else, as long as the unit is solid and has no weak points, then you should be fine.

Heavy Duty Load-Bearing Hinges on the Door

This is one of the more critical parts of the sauna, and you’ll undoubtedly want to look for it. The hinges that keep the door on should be load bearing, and they should be well constructed so that the door will operate as it should for as long as you own the sauna. Check the hinges for flaws as soon as the unit is delivered and installed.

Tempered Glass Doors

Better home saunas will have tempered glass doors that are well made and built to last. This should be a pre-hung door, preferably with a magnetic door stop and trim. It’s also nice if you can get one that has tempered glass side windows. Without them, some people might feel claustrophobic during their sauna sessions, and that defeats the purpose of relaxation that you’re trying to achieve.


Ionizers come with some saunas, and of all the sauna accessories they might be the most controversial. Some people love them, while others find little use for them. Their purpose is to produce ozone, releasing negatively charged ions that bond with positively charged particles. This neutralizes mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Your sauna can stay safe and attractive for years that way. Some, however, feel that they’re superfluous. If your model comes with one, that’s nice, but you may want to think twice about paying extra for it.

Ergonomic Backrests

If you have a chronically aching back or some other physical ailment, then you need to be sure that you are as comfortable as possible when you use your home infrared sauna. An ergonomic backrest makes it more likely that your sauna time will be thoroughly enjoyed. There are a wide variety made of various materials, so find a company that makes one to your liking. You can also purchase a backrest separately if your sauna doesn’t come with it.

Exterior Ambient Lighting

When you use your home sauna, you’re trying to cultivate a certain mood that allows you to discard the stresses of the day. Many people find they can achieve that more easily with a feature like ambient lighting. It doesn’t do much for the actual function of the sauna, but some people swear by it nonetheless. If nothing else, ambient lighting gives you to better admire the grain of the wood, assuming you got a high-end sauna that’s not made of particle board.

The Kinds of Wood

There are different woods used for home infrared saunas. Yours might be of Western Canadian Hemlock or Western Red Cedar. Both are popular and quality choices. The wood should be strong, but smooth under your fingertips. There should be no cracks, creases, dents, or splintering. If you see anything like that, be sure to point it out when the sauna is being delivered so that the company can make recompense.

Exterior/Interior Control Panels

This is another sauna accessory that you should look for with a better sauna. You can program the sauna when you’re outside of it, but then you may want to make changes to temperature or some other aspect while you’re inside. Soft touch panels that are intuitive and easy to use work best. At all times you should be able to look at the panel and see the correct temperature in the sauna.

Color Therapy

Some saunas come with various color therapy options. Most of them involve changing HD light shows that take place during your session. If you like to spend time in the sauna with your eyes open, then you may find this therapy relaxing. You can clear your mind as you watch the colors slowly cycle through, and you should be able to arrive at a state of calm that will carry over when your time in the sauna is done. But even if your sauna doesn’t have this feature, prime relaxation is no less likely.

Musical Capabilities

Some saunas also have MP3 players and stereo jacks if you want to listen to music. These tend to be more popular than the light shows. Calm and serenity-inducing music goes nicely with some far infrared heat rays. If your sauna doesn’t come with this, you can always bring in your phone, iPod, etc. with you to make up for it.

There are a wide variety of other features that you might get with your sauna, but you should seek out the ones that feel most important to you. Whether you want wall-to-wall heating elements or a state-of-the-art sound system, chances are you should be able to find it.

Remember that the more features you want, the more you should be prepared to spend. If you get a simple version of a home infrared sauna, then you’ll be dropping less money, but as long as it is still solidly built, has a good reputation, and a lengthy warranty, everything should work out fine. You’ll get those vaunted sauna health benefits, and your life will change for the better. Your sauna sessions will lead to a healthy body and a clear mind, and the distractions and irritations of daily life won’t seem like such a big deal any longer.   

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