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Top Three Things to Look for When Buying a 2 Person Infrared Sauna

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You may have done your initial research and are convinced that an infrared sauna will help you pursue a healthy, natural lifestyle. Not only is it a great way to relax after a long day at work, it can also help you lose weight and improve sleep quality. Furthermore, you have set your eyes on a 2-Person infrared sauna. This means you have a cabin that can be enjoyed with your partner, family members, friends, or colleagues. However, you may need additional information to help you decide on what exact model to buy. To obtain a high-quality unit, read about the three most important factors that the best 2-Person infrared sauna should have.

Three Essential Elements for the Best 2-Person Infrared Sauna

Various Wood and Heater Alternatives

Select a company that has at least two wood options for the cabin. Ideally these options should be Canadian Hemlock and Red Cedar, as both have shown reliability in supporting excellent infrared sauna sessions apart from being sustainable materials. Due to their grain quality that offers effective thermal insulation, Hemlock and Re Cedar are suitable for infrared sauna radiation. Their natural features boost their efficiency in conserving warmth instead of releasing and wasting it. While other wood types may crack because of frequent exposure to heat and moisture, Hemlock and Red Cedar can remain durable through the years. Moreover, Hemlock can be finished to enhance rot resistance, while Red Cedar naturally fights off moisture and fungi growth. Lastly, Hemlock and Red Cedar can be sourced from sustainably-managed forests, so they are eco-friendly materials.

The primary differences between Hemlock and Red Cedar wood types are the insect-repellent quality and aroma. Between the two, only Red Cedar has a unique scent that can repulse different insects, especially disease-causing mosquitoes. Additionally, Red Cedar has a pleasant smell. However, certain people may prefer Hemlock’s non-characteristic scent. With two wood options, you can either opt for Hemlock or Red Cedar instead of being forced to stick with only one.

Besides selecting the right type of wood, you should be able to decide between ceramic and carbon fiber heaters. Although both yield the same heat and health benefits, they differ in heat distribution which directly shapes the sauna experience. By being enclosed in a reflective plate and capable of quick heat production, ceramic heaters help release far infrared radiation that can target large body areas and enable fast, high heat levels. On the other hand, if you’d like a long, relaxing sauna session to maximize its therapeutic effects for chronic conditions, carbon fiber heaters are the better option.

Opportunity for Customization

Few sauna manufacturers offer customization opportunities. Majority have standard sizes and designs which are great if they fit available space in your home. However, some 2-Person infrared sauna cabins may need to be adjusted if you have a limited area or desire specific sizes and designs. As a result, they must be meticulously crafted to maximize the space without sacrificing quality. Select a company that can offer both standard and customized options for increased control over your sauna design and for higher degree of satisfaction.

Corporate Mission of Health and Wellness

Make sure to choose a company that embodies health and wellness. Some sauna-making businesses focus only on selling infrared saunas. Find a company whose mission is to bring a healthy lifestyle that help people reach their optimum wellbeing. An example is one that is dedicated to making saunas accessible to all individuals with different financial and physical abilities. Their goal is to help people achieve their needs or wants, whether it is improving circulation or purifying their skin.

Pick a 2-person infrared sauna brand from a company that cares for your health and wellbeing. Since it wants only the best for you, the same organization will give you significant decision-making capability by offering several suitable wood and heater options plus customization opportunities.


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