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Try A 1 Or 2 Person Infrared Sauna Today

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With the purchase of one of our 1 or 2 Person infrared sauna models, you’re getting a lot of health benefits that will aid you in almost all areas of your life. We’re going to look over some of those right now so that you can see what owning a home infrared sauna can do for you.

Helps With Cardiovascular Health

When you have regular sessions with an infrared sauna, your heart rate is elevated which is the equivalent of moderate exercise. Use of an infrared sauna is sometimes called passive cardio, because you’re not moving around, yet your heart rate is increasing. Use of the sauna lowers blood pressure, so you’re at less of a risk of strokes or heart attacks. Its effects are good for the blood vessels too, as they expand when you subject them to the therapeutic heat that is created by the infrared light.

Cognitive Function Is Aided

The heat stress caused by an infrared sauna is beneficial to us in several ways. Neurogenesis, which is new brain cell growth, is stimulated by the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also known as BDNF. BDNF is created by regular sauna use. Heat stress also increases prolactin, which is the hormone that stimulates myelin growth. Myelin is the insulation around the brain’s nerve fibers, and this determines how fast your mind works. Finally, it increases norepinephrine levels, which are hormones needed to pay attention and focus.

Helps With Immune Function

With regular sauna sessions, white cells increase in the bloodstream. This is important because white blood cells help the body battle illness, so you won’t have as good of a chance of catching any pesky bugs that are going around. That means that with regular sauna sessions, you are less likely to get sick.

Slow Wave Sleep Is Increased

Infrared saunas are also key to getting deeper and more refreshing sleep. Slow wave sleep is deeper sleep, and the more we get of it, the more well rested we will be. If you have a regular regimen for sauna use, you’ll have longer periods of slow wave sleep.

There are so many benefits that come from using your sauna, and these are just a few of them. To enjoy all of this and more, just check out any of our affordable infrared sauna models, and start using yours today.

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