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Two Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Infrared Sauna for Fitness and Wellness Centers

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Due to the interest in natural ways of getting healthier, an increasing number of fitness and wellness centers seek to add infrared saunas as part of their facilities. Far infrared saunas can support weight loss and maintenance goals apart from offering relaxing, detoxifying, and pain-reducing benefits. Many gyms offer infrared saunas as add-on services and to improve competitiveness. However, because of numerous kinds of infrared saunas available online, it's hard to choose the best infrared sauna for business establishments. When looking for the top infrared sauna, make sure it has these two important elements.

The Best Infrared Sauna for Your Fitness Center Must Have These Two Factors


Intertek is an independent organization that tests and inspects different types of equipment. Total quality assurance embodies Intertek’s certification process as it helps guarantee product safety and longevity. Look for a company that offers infrared saunas which are Intertek-tested because they can assure that the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) ranges from very low to zero. The best infrared saunas have reduced EMF to maximize the benefits of mild heating and infrared radiation while also attaining the lowest possible Radiofrequency Radiation (RF) levels. Not all far infrared saunas are Intertek-tested, so a company that can attest that its saunas have been assessed tend to be safer than those who lack such inspections. Your customers will appreciate Intertek-tested infrared saunas that can boast of high quality and safety ratings.

Durable Panels (DuraPanel)

Durable panels contribute to aesthetic and cost-effective infrared saunas. They can be stained and painted to match Hemlock or Red Cedar wood saunas, resulting in attractive cabins. In addition, suitable for indoor and outdoor materials, DuraPanels possess non-caustic and anti-corrosive properties. Your infrared saunas will last longer when made of DuraPanels. Furthermore, being non-static and non-magnetic, they will not interfere with infrared equipment, supporting the sauna’s therapeutic effect. These panels also inhibit fungi or mold growth, decreasing allergic reactions. As they are created for hostile environments, DuraPanels are designed for heavy usage and to avoid visible efflorescence as well as water leakage. Infrared saunas can then last for many years despite continued use. Finally, DuraPanels are formed under ISO 9001 quality management system plus ISO 14001 environmental management system, ensuring sustainability. As a result, these panels have received the Green Product Label Award from the National Environment Protection Bureau. Your saunas are not only sturdy and efficient but also environmentally-friendly.

Your establishment deserves the top infrared sauna, which means one that's Intertek-tested and built with DuraPanels. Look for these features and they will lead to the best infrared sauna cabin. Once installed, customers will appreciate and enjoy using your beautiful, ecological, and cost-efficient infrared saunas.


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