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User’s Guide: Buy an Infrared Sauna Equipped with These Important Features

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Most users decide to buy products based on available features. The same is true when buying an infrared sauna - it is the features that attract homeowners to buy. That makes it important to learn all the available options and configurations before deciding which unit to purchase for your home. Let’s review a few of your options when looking to buy an infrared sauna.

The Walls

Wood is the primary component of any sauna. Softwoods are much preferred for an infrared sauna because hardwoods have densely-packed molecules that retain heat, causing it to be too hot to touch after the sauna has been running for some time. The wood used must also be non-toxic, and should not exude any gas.

The best types of wood to use in an infrared sauna are cedar and hemlock. Both are non-toxic soft woods with outstanding physical properties. Cedar doesn’t shrink when exposed to heat, making it resistant to warping and changing shapes. It retains heat effectively, and is a favorite among users for its forest-like fragrance. Hemlocks are also a very stable wood, and are perfect for people with allergies as they contain little resin and have virtually no odor.

Intend to Buy an Infrared Sauna? Here are the Features You Should Get

Heating Element

Two of the most popular heating elements in infrared saunas are ceramic and carbon fiber heaters.Carbon fiber is generally the more superior type because it provides an even heat distribution. While ceramic heaters are a bit more affordable, the heat they generate is uneven, resulting in periodic cold and hot spots throughout the chamber.

Typically, ceramic heaters are also covered with a wire mesh or protective plate due to their high surface temperature of 400ºF . Users must be careful not to accidentally touch the heating element. Carbon fiber heaters are also more energy efficient compared to ceramics.

Control Panel

In the modern world, everything is digitized – and your infrared sauna’s control panel should not be an exception. Look to see where the panel is positioned; if you are enjoying a session in the chamber, you don’t want to have to go outside to change the temperature or duration of your session.

Infrared saunas are available in many configurations and it is up to you to choose the best features for your own personal unit. Educate yourself on the different features and options so that you can purchase an infrared sauna you’ll be happy with for a long time.


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