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Vital Safety Features of an Infrared Home Sauna for Sale

Vital Safety Features of an Infrared Home Sauna for Sale

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Advanced safety features are an important requirement of any home sauna for sale. Not only do these protect users, but they also guarantee that nothing gets in the way of the sauna’s health benefits. Here are the top safety features you should look for when buying an infrared sauna for your home.

Infrared Home Saunas: Key Safety Features

Modern sauna technology has advanced to the point where users can have peace of mind every time they step into the sauna. However, not all saunas are created equal. The safest infrared saunas in the market have these features and more:

  • Safety Certifications

The safest saunas you can buy have low- to zero-EMF levels. Overexposure to EMF— which usually happens when you overuse gadgets and electronic devices— can negatively impact human health.

Look for saunas that have passed Intertek testing. Intertek has been a leading certification expert for more than 130 years. A home sauna  with Intertek certification has  passed the highest safety standards and has demonstrated the best sauna benefits.

  • High-Quality Wood

Only very specific types of wood are suitable for infrared saunas. For instance, plywood should never be used because it tends to splinter and warp due to the high temperatures.

Excellent wood types for infrared saunas include 100% Canadian Western Red Cedar wood. This wood type can withstand intense heat without losing shape and handle humidity. Sauna wood should also be:

• Free of chemicals

• FSC-certified for sustainability

• Carbon Heaters

An important safety consideration for saunas is the type of heaters it has. Carbon heaters are preferred over ceramic heaters because they have a lower surface temperature for optimal infrared heat.

In contrast, the smaller ceramic heaters need to get very hot first before they can work. Not only are carbon heaters more efficient, but they significantly reduce the risk of injury as well.

  • Dual-Wall Insulation

When using a sauna, you only want  to heat up inside of the sauna and prevent heat loss from escaping  outside of the unit. This is especially important for home saunas that are close to living spaces.

Dual-wall insulation is the best way to achieve this. This type of insulation means that a sauna can be installed in tight spaces without heat expansion.

  • Special Safety Glass

Another way that infrared saunas protect their users is through specially-designed safety glass. This glass can tolerate very high temperatures without causing any damage. They also provide excellent insulation so that only the cabin gets hot and not the surrounding areas of the unit.


Find the Safest Infrared Saunas Available Today

Before you decide to purchase an infrared sauna for sale, you should examine its safety features closely. Only the best infrared saunas deserve a spot in your home.

At JNH Lifestyles, we’re proud to say that our infrared saunas are some of the safest options you’ll find in the market. We’ll be happy to explain what makes JNH saunas different from all other saunas — send us an inquiry through our contact form, and we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours!

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