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Weighing in on Infrared Sauna Reviews: How to Get the Best For Your Home

Weighing in on Infrared Sauna Reviews: How to Get the Best For Your Home

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Saunas have been providing tremendous health benefits since they first began being used about 2000 years ago. The traditional sauna that used rocks, stoves, and fire to heat occupants has evolved into a more modern version known as the infrared sauna. Instead of heating users with traditional heat sources, infrared units harness the energy of infrared light to increase the cabin temperature quickly and efficiently.

Like the traditional sauna, infrared models offer several health benefits that include detoxification, relaxation and stress relief . More importantly, infrared saunas are not just limited to gyms and health clubs. Nowadays, they can be installed in the comforts of your own home.

Finding the Best Infrared Sauna For Your Home

However, with all the infrared sauna reviews you can read on the Internet, how do you find the sauna that is right for you? Aside from the design and the price, there are other things you have to consider. To get you started, here are four important considerations to take note of before installing an infrared sauna in your home.

Get the Best for Your Home with These Infrared Sauna Reviews and Tips

Select the Right Size

How many people would you like your sauna to accommodate? Infrared models come in various sizes, from single-user up to family size. Remember, as the size gets bigger, the cost gets bigger, too. Think ahead. Would you like to install a sauna that’s good for just yourself, or a sauna that is big enough to fit your family? When buying one, make sure that you check the specific size and dimensions to prevent you from buying one that is smaller than what you really need.

Choose the Heating Mechanism

Let's get a little technical, shall we? The heating mechanism of the infrared sauna comes in two forms – ceramic or carbon fiber. Ceramic heaters work by heating a ceramic panel or rod, which then emits infrared heat that will warm the cabin for extended periods of time.

On the other hand, carbon fiber panels emit long wavelengths of infrared energy, evenly distributing heat throughout the cabin. While it may not be able to produce as much heat as the ceramic panels, carbon fiber heaters are usually the more affordable and energy-efficient option.

Decide on The Wood Type

So, you've decided the size of the unit and the type of heater. Now let's consider materials used in the construction of the sauna. Usually, cedar woods are used when building infrared saunas, as it produces natural oils that protect it from insects and deterioration.

While cedar seems to be the best material for saunas, other woods, such as pine and plywood, are used in the production of cheaper, lower-quality units. However, these materials may not be as tough and durable as cedar. Would you like to scrimp a little, or invest in good quality material? You decide.

Check the Control Panel

This may seem a bit excessive, but check the location of the sauna’s control panel. Units that have the control system located inside the cabin provide the ability to control the temperature without having to step outside the sauna to do so. Check that your sauna has this feature to prevent you from the risk of temperature shock.

As you read different infrared sauna reviews, decide on the specific things you want in your sauna: the size, the material, and the quality. Having these in mind will help you invest in a durable sauna that suits your tastes, meets your needs, and fits right into your home. Of course, it helps to source your sauna from reputable companies, like JNH Lifestyles.


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