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Weight Loss with an Infrared Sauna Has Become Popular In Recent Years

Weight Loss with an Infrared Sauna Has Become Popular In Recent Years

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Is infrared sauna weight loss possible? That question that is often asked when people start looking at the different options on the market. Far infrared saunas have all sorts of viable health uses, but weight loss is one of the most popular reasons why people are buying them. But is weight loss actually possible, t or is it just a tall tale made up to boost sauna sales? Let’s explore the topic.

Yes, It Is Possible to Lose Weight with an Infrared Sauna

If you find yourself typing “do saunas help you lose weight?” into Google, then the answer is yes, it is possible to drop some pounds and inches through regular sauna use. A far infrared sauna helps you lose weight, as the time in a session is the equivalent to a low-impact aerobic exercise.

Depending on your metabolism, you can lose anywhere from 600-850 calories during a 45-minute far infrared sauna session. No activity it necessary: all you need to do is sit and relax.

It Works Better with Other Lifestyle Changes

The secret to weight loss with a far infrared sauna is that if you’re relying on that alone to facilitate significant weight loss, then you are doomed to fail. Yes, a sauna does burn calories, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to drop fifty pounds if you keep up the unhealthy habits that led to your weight gain in the first place.

Unless you’re undergoing a procedure like liposuction, hard work is the most effective thing for weight loss, and that includes exercise alongside your sauna sessions. That means figuring out what kind of a program you can implement that works for your body type and capabilities.

Many exercise programs fail because they are too ambitious. If you are significantly overweight, then you need to start slow with something like daily walks around the neighborhood. You can get in your sauna time in the mornings or the evenings.

Later, as you start to lose more weight, you can move on to jogging or the use of a treadmill. You can add calisthenics and sets with free weights to start toning your body to go along with the weight loss. It’s best to go slowly at first so that you won’t get discouraged if you don’t see dramatic weight loss immediately starting your new program.

Dietary Changes

Along with your sauna time, there should also be a change in diet if you want to lose the most weight. You can ease up on your ingestion of fast food, TV dinners, and pre-cooked foods. These options are high in saturated fat and sodium, which is no good for your blood pressure. If you can eat more fruits, vegetables, and foods that are high in fiber, that will be helpful for weight loss.

You should also ease up on consumption of juices that are high in sugar, and eliminate soda from your diet if possible. Instead, drink as much water as possible. You should be getting in at least ten eight-ounce glasses per day, particularly if you’re spending time in the sauna. Remember that when you get out of the sauna, you’re going to be dehydrated, so be sure to have a glass of water or a water bottle handy.

Does a Sauna Help You Burn Fat?

Some people also ask whether a sauna burns fat, but that would not be an accurate statement. While it is true that a sauna helps you burn calories, that is not the same thing as burning fat. Fat burning is somewhat of a myth, unless you’re doing something like lap band surgery, which takes off a large amount of weight at one time.

Instead of thinking of miracle cures and fat burning, the best thing you can do when you get yourself an infrared sauna is to commit to changing unhealthy behaviors in your life. That may not what some people want to hear if they’re intent on a quick fix for weight loss, but suvh thinking is seldom realistic. Excess weight usually builds up over time, so losing it off will also be a gradual process.

Less Cellulite

If most of this information is not what you had in mind from a far infrared sauna, don’t be discouraged. Just because you won’t get instantaneous weight loss from your sauna does not mean that you shouldn’t get one. You can still reduce the visibility of cellulite when you use a far infrared sauna, and if you have prominent stretch marks, then time in the far infrared sauna can make those less visible as well. Women who have had children often like far infrared saunas for this reason. You might not completely get rid of your stretch marks, but if you’re self-conscious about them, you can make them much less noticeable.

Feel Good About Yourself With Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

Weight loss and getting your body back in shape is something that lots of people must do at some point in their lives, and it’s helpful if you view it as a challenge. You’ll find that you’re up to it, and a far infrared sauna can be one of the weapons in your arsenal that helps you get to where you want to be.

If you set small weight loss goals for yourself, then you will feel a sense of accomplishment each time you hit one. You can check them off the list one by one until you’re at your ideal weight, and then you’ll feel much more energized to take part in activities you may not have been able to do easily before.

If it is time to get serious about weight loss, then a far infrared sauna can help you take the first critical steps along that path.

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