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What Features Should You Look For From a Personal Infrared Sauna?

What Features Should You Look For From a Personal Infrared Sauna?

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If you’re buying a personal infrared sauna for home use, then you’ll need to figure out which one works for your budget and living space. Some other criteria might factor into the decision as well, so let’s talk about some of those right now.


There are some aspects of a personal sauna that could be considered  essential, but what about some of the extra items that come  with the various models? Do you feel strongly enough about any of these items  that their absence will  cause you to buy a different sauna?

Wood Preservation Products

Some saunas come with chemicals that you spray on the wood after each use to make sure that it stays in good condition. This is potentially useful, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The first is that you want to make sure that anything which you are spraying on the interior of the sauna does not contain  chemicals which might be harmful.  Look at the ingredients to make sure that they are safe for regular use.

You should also buy a sauna that is made of a wood like hemlock or red cedar  rather than pine or anything like pressboard or particle board. The higher quality of the wood means that you’re going to get more use out of your sauna regardless of what you use to treat it. There are few  factors more important than what wood the sauna was made from, so pay particular attention to that as you’re narrowing down your options.

Brushes, Soaps, Etc.

Some far infrared sauna models are fancier  others. They might cost ten times as much as one of the other saunas  on the market, and they may come with such things as exfoliating brushes for the skin or soaps that are supposed to hydrate or stimulate circulation.

While it’s nice to have these luxury items, they’re not necessary to get all the benefits  of far infrared.  You can  get a  more reasonably priced sauna  if you find one with  “no frills,” meaning that the sauna doesn’t come with these  accessories.

Shelves, Racks, and Hooks

Other far infrared sauna models come with various interior racks, hooks, and shelves of  where you can hang your clothing, towels, or anything else that comes to mind.  They can be a nice addition, and are worth looking out for.

However, if you want an in-house sauna, then their presence should not  be the last word on whether you buy or not. When you look at reviews, you’re likely looking at how the sauna performs, not whether you can hang your towel inside it.

Hourglasses or Timers

You can also find hourglasses or timers in some of in-home  far infrared sauna models.  These are useful, especially if  you’re getting started with a sauna  and  have  a heart condition, then you don’t want to overdo things in the beginning.

You can set the timer for 15 minutes or so and see how you react to the effects at a low temperature. As you grow used to the sensation, you can extend your session to 20 minutes, 30, or even 45. You might be willing to pay a little bit more for one of the far infrared sauna models that comes with a timer or hourglass feature.

Other Factors to Consider

Other features that you’ll look for from your personal infrared sauna are  how much space it takes up and how good of a warranty you can get with it. Let’s examine each of those considerations next.

The Dimensions

While just about every far infrared sauna  is smaller than a traditional steam-heated variety found  a health club, there are still  set differences in the dimensions of infrared saunas.

First, find  the spot in your home where you want to set up the sauna. It might be a corner of the den or living room, or maybe the garage makes the most sense for you. Check out the dimensions of the space that you have available, and then be sure to find out how much space the sauna models take up that you are considering.

There might be a model that seems highly appealing to you, but there is not  enough space for it in your home. It will be disappointing if  buy one of the saunas you want, only to  discover that it won’t quite fit in the set location.

The Warranty

The cost of a personal infrared sauna can vary dramatically based on several different factors, but it is a foregone conclusion that you want to get one with a generous warranty regardless of how much you spend on yours. Some companies that offer the cheapest models will give you a warranty of 90 days, or even 30. There is no reason for you to accept that low of a warranty, so  if that’s all they’re offering,  then you should probably look at a different company or model.

Ideally, you want a warranty of at least one year for your sauna, but if you can get an extended warranty that stretches parts and labor to two or three years, then that’s even better. Chances are you are dropping a sum of money on your far infrared sauna where you want to get a good amount of use out of it. You can be sure that will occur with an extended warranty in place.

As you look over these different aspects of personal saunas,  consider what is most vital to you. Is it the cost alone that’s motivating you? Is it the warranty? The accessories? Maybe it’s something else that we haven’t mentioned. Whatever the case might be, buy the model that most appeals to you and your family. After all, they’re likely going to be using your sauna as well, and you want everyone to be happy with your purchase.

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