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What Sets a Portable Infrared Sauna Apart? Portability and Style

What Sets a Portable Infrared Sauna Apart? Portability and Style

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A lot has been said about the health benefits of owning a portable infrared sauna. Many satisfied customers have sung the praises of its health benefits. Also, it's pretty great when you can say that you own a personal sauna. We can also say a lot about the unit's portability itself, which is a great feature that comes in handy in multiple situations. When is it most useful to have a sauna on the go? 

portable infrared sauna portability

Moving: when it’s time for you to move, it's easy to just pack your unit into the moving van. You don't have to worry about leaving an important part of your wellness routine behind because it's built into the house.

  • Relaxing outdoors: when you feel like enjoying your spa out on the patio or in the backyard for a change, simply assemble it outside. Assembly is quick and easy, so it won't be any trouble to take it indoors again when you're done.
  • Changing rooms: in the same vein, you can move your sauna from the den to the bathroom or wherever you like. No need to fret the next time it's time to throw a party.
  • Share it with a friend: do you know someone who's not quite convinced of the benefits of infrared saunas? Perhaps a friend with back pain or an aunt with circulation problems? You can let her borrow it for a while so she can see for herself.
  • Easy storage: whenever you need to store your unit, just take it apart and store it away. The sauna simply snaps together, and disassembly is just as easy.

What Makes It Portable?

When you think of a sauna's bulky heat lamps or dozens of heated rocks, portability is probably not the first thing that springs to mind. However, a portable infrared sauna uses infrared heating lamps, which are much smaller than those in a traditional sauna. Also, since the sauna uses heat in a different way than its traditional counterpart, the walls don't have to be insulated.

Add in the unit's light weight and simple snap-together assembly, and you have a perfectly portable sauna. Having a portable sauna is useful in more ways than one. It goes where you go, and disappears when you need it to disappear. It's just one of the reasons why you should own one for yourself!

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