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Where To Buy The Best Infrared Sauna?

Where To Buy The Best Infrared Sauna?

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JNH Lifestyles’ infrared sauna allows your body to heal with the power of heat. It’s a miraculous concept, but it’s not a new one in many countries except the United States. Many Scandinavian countries have used saunas to treat ailments, relax, use as a communal meeting place and have even given birth in them because of their sterile environment!

Saunas originated in Finland and are now found in spas, gyms and wellness centers, now making their way into our homes. It is quite easy to set up and maintain a JNH Lifestyles one person sauna at home. Besides the fact that saunas are really relaxing and pleasant to be in, they have a huge array of health benefits. Here are a few health advantages you can enjoy while sitting back in a sauna.

An Infrared Sauna Can Increase Circulation

If you suffer from cold hands and feet, digestive problems and fatigue, you could have issues with your circulatory system. One of the benefits of using a sauna is that it can help increase circulation. The sauna helps your body do this because the heat makes your heart beat faster and the body’s blood vessels widen. This encourages the blood to move around the body without any restrictions. When you have better blood circulation, you can reap many health benefits. For instance, better circulation can reduce muscle soreness, which athletes and gym rats can take advantage of. It can enhance joint movement, which boosts mobility if you have issues with your joints. Lastly, better circulation can relieve arthritis, reducing pain and increasing mobility. It really is amazing how improved circulation can help your body do all this!

Lower The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

A research study conducted in Finland on a group of men for 20 years analyzed how they reacted to cardiovascular disease and related issues. A factor of this study was to keep track of how many times these men used a sauna within a week.

To the scientists' delightful surprise, out of this study, they found that men who used a sauna at least once a week were less inclined to die from coronary artery disease, cardiovascular disease or sudden cardiac death. As a matter of fact, the more they incorporated sauna use within the week, the less likely they had experienced suffering from these illnesses.

These results are believed to occur because an infrared sauna has the same effects of moderate exercise. When you sit inside a sauna and get a sweat on, your heart rate increases and circulation is encouraged. Due to this, the cells in the heart work better because more blood is being pumped towards them. Although a sauna session shouldn’t replace a healthy exercise regime, it can definitely supplement it and prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Promote Weight Loss

Yes, you heard right! Besides the question, “how much does a sauna cost?” many people want to know if sitting in a sauna can help them shed some unwanted pounds. Yes, it can. Studies have revealed that a sauna can actually help you lose weight because the heart rate increases when you’re in the sauna. Some people have managed to lose up to 500 calories when they spent 20 minutes in a sauna. The reason for this is because the metabolism starts to race. In the same way when the body is in movement during exercise. Once again, we are not saying or recommending sauna use to replace exercise in your lifestyle, but it’s an ideal way to control your weight.

Eliminate Toxins From The Body

A majority of people don’t sweat on a daily basis, which is actually a bad thing. Why? Because sweating helps the body release harmful toxins that are in the body. Nowadays, a lot of people have sedentary jobs, so they don’t have the opportunity to go outside and move about as much as they would like to. Therefore, many people aren’t getting to perspire as much as they have to. It’s very important to sweat, particularly, in our modern-day environment. Once you leave your front door, you are exposing yourself to many dangerous elements that your body is absorbing into the skin. A solution to this problem is a good sauna session. When you spend time in an infrared sauna, your body flushes out toxins from materials such as lead, arsenic and cadmium that go deep into your skin. Frequent sauna sessions are a harmless and convenient way to counterbalance the effects of these toxins in the body.

Sauna Use Reduces Stress

It’s no surprise that using a sauna is a great way to relieve stress, but do you know why an infrared heated cabin is able to do this? One of the reasons it helps you to chillax is because when you get inside a sauna, you are literally cutting yourself off from the outside world. This refers to not having access to phones, computers and anything or anybody that wants to disrupt your peace of mind. The only activity you can do in a sauna is to sit back and relax. That is wonderful!

Another way saunas help you to relax is they assist you in releasing endorphins. As mentioned above, sitting in saunas can increase your heart rate, which produces endorphins all around the body. Endorphins are the ‘feel good’ chemicals that your body releases to help you feel relaxed and happier.

Spending time in an JNH Lifestyles sauna with a significant other or friends is a wonderful way to socialize! Everybody is present and nobody is spending time on their phone or getting interrupted with something else, and you’re all reaping the same health benefits together. Mixing socializing with a sauna session is a perfect combination.

Without a doubt, all these benefits sound amazing! So why not look into installing a sauna for personal use in your own home today? It’s easy to set up, cost effective, a great investment and you avoid the hassle of leaving your home in bad weather as well as traffic conditions just for a good sweat session.

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