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Which Infrared Sauna Makes the Most Sense for You? We Discuss the Critical Aspects You Should Focus On

Which Infrared Sauna Makes the Most Sense for You? We Discuss the Critical Aspects You Should Focus On

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If you’re thinking about getting an infrared sauna for home use, then you’re not alone. Many individuals have heard about what these miraculous inventions can do, and they’re installing them in their houses and apartments all over the world. But what should you be looking for when you select an infrared sauna? How can you tell if one has an advantage over seemingly similar model?

Although there are obvious similarities between some far infrared sauna models on the market, there are also important differences. Let’s look at how you can shop for a home one-person sauna with confidence.

Try It Out

Imagine that have found two home infrared saunas are similar in price and appearance. If you’re having a tough time selecting one, you may want to try them both out before you commit to either one. You should locate a dealership that will let you try their sauna models before you buy one. If possible, you should find a company that will give you a free trial period before you pay for it.

Just like buying a car or trying on a pair of jeans before you buy, some saunas are going to feel better for you than others regardless of how good the reviews are. One brand of sauna might be ideal for your body size, while another might make you feel cramped or claustrophobic. You can listen to other people’s reviews as a starting point, but in the end, you’re the one who’s going to be using this sauna, so make sure it’s the right fit for you.

The Price

Price is undoubtedly going to be a factor as you shop as well. Before you ask “how much does a sauna cost?,” think about how much you’re able and willing to spend. There are far infrared saunas that are relatively cheap these days, but they might not be very well made.

Think about both price and quality as you look at some of the potential options. There are some telltale signs that you’re looking at a cut-rate sauna that have little to do with the price tag. For instance, check to see if the sauna is being held together with glue or magnets. This is often the case with inferior quality home saunas. You want saunas that are held together with heavy-duty wood screws or external buckles.

Your far infrared sauna should look like a well-made piece of furniture. Doors and windows that are high quality, comfortable seating, and custom-made molding should all be present if you’re paying more for your sauna. If you don’t see all of that with a particular company or model, keep looking.

Wood Choices Matter

You will not be able to enjoy the full benefits of using a sauna unless it’s made of the right kind of wood. But what kinds of wood are the best for home infrared saunas?

Western red cedar and vertical-grain hemlock are two excellent choices in this regard. They should be hand-selected and smooth to the touch. If the wood is rough or splintery, then you’re not going to want to get in there.

Also make sure the wood came from a sustainable forest. The company that makes it should be able to provide you with that information. Sustainable means that after the wood is harvested, more trees are planted in its place. The cheapest wood for saunas often comes from Myanmar, and it is collected using non-sustainable practices.

Look for Things Like Delivery and Installation

The best far infrared sauna companies will also be willing to deliver your sauna and install it in your home without you having to do any heavy lifting. Some saunas are cumbersome, and it takes more than one person to get them situated in your home, so ask about these kinds of services.

You also want to look into the warranty for your sauna. Some companies will give you parts and labor for one year, but they may also offer an extended warranty. This is one product where it is often in your best interest to get it. Your sauna will probably be fine for years as long as you treat it with care, but sometimes accidents happen, and knowing that extended warranty is in place will give you a lot more confidence going forward.

Carbon Panels Mean a Better Sauna

This is also a critical factor as you’re choosing your infrared sauna model. The two heat elements that you’ll most commonly see are carbon and ceramic panels, but carbon always wins. Panels with ceramic rods or coils won’t last as long, and they malfunction more easily.

With carbon panels, your sauna will heat up quicker. You’ll also get broad heat distribution so that there aren’t any spots that are too cold or so hot that they’ll burn your skin if you come in contact with them. On the other hand, you can make physical contact with carbon panels, and they won’t burn you. Many of the best carbon panels are imported from Japan, so see if there’s any mention of that on the company’s website.

What you want are carbon panels that produce radiant heat. This is the kind of heat that will penetrate the skin and give you the full health benefits you have heard so much. Ceramic heating elements will make the air around you hot, but they won’t get rid of your toxins and clear up your skin as carbon panels will. This is an area where you should never accept cheaper substitutes.

Now you should be able to shop for home infrared saunas with confidence. Look at all these factors and check each one off the list as you go. You’ll soon be able to locate the best sauna for your purposes, and be excited once it is installed in your house or apartment.

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