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Why Should You Seek Out an Infrared Sauna Versus the Traditional Steam Variety?

Why Should You Seek Out an Infrared Sauna Versus the Traditional Steam Variety?

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For some people, the idea behind infrared sauna use is exceedingly simplistic. The thought is that you get in the sauna and you sweat, and the details behind the heat source or any other composition of the sauna hardly matters. In reality,  an infrared sauna is entirely different from one of the regular steam versions that you might use in a gym or health club. It’s critical to understand why this is before you choose which one you want to use.

Steam Heat and Far Infrared Rays

If you feel that the benefits of using a sauna are the same regardless of what kind you’re using, then you’re mistaken. The steam sauna is an airtight room composed of non-porous material. A steam generator heats the room, and the temperature can get up close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

By contrast, an infrared sauna is usually a wood-based room or cell where infrared rays are used to heat the individual directly rather than the air around them. Many people can use a steam sauna in a gym at the same time, but often the infrared kind  is intended for individual home use.

What’s the Difference?

The health differences in these two sauna varieties vary because of their heat sources are significant.  It is possible to lose weight from either one because you’re passively burning calories during a 30 or 40-minute session.

However, the detoxifying effects that you get with an infrared sauna are not possible with a regular steam sauna. That is because of the rays that are directly penetrating your skin when you use an infrared sauna. That sounds a little ominous, but they are perfectly safe. These are the same rays that you get from our life-giving sun but without the possibility of sunburn from UV rays.

The heavy metals and toxins that are in your body are forced to the surface and out through your pores, which is something that doesn’t happen when you’re talking about a traditional steam sauna. As a result, you will probably feel energized and less sluggish after you have used an infrared sauna for a few weeks. It’s impossible to avoid these toxins and heavy metals entirely because they are in the food and water that we consume and the air all around us. However, we can alleviate their effects with a far infrared sauna.

At this juncture, you’re probably asking “how much does a sauna cost?,” and that’s understandable. Far infrared saunas are priced to own, and you can install one in your home with a minimum of difficulty. Because they take up little space and consume a miniscule amount of electricity, you can start enjoying the benefits of ownership almost immediately.

There is nothing wrong with what a steam sauna at your health club or gym offers you, but you can’t hope to get the benefits that way that you would from a far infrared version. The heat source is what makes all the difference, as more and more people keep finding out.

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