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Why You Should Use Your Personal Sauna after Working Out

Why You Should Use Your Personal Sauna after Working Out

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A mere 20-minute session inside your personal sauna improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and accelerates the healing of the joints and muscles. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the proven health benefits you can get from an infrared sauna.  It’s no wonder that saunas are becoming an integral part of fitness routines, becoming a fixture in many public gyms and private homes around the world.

So, do saunas help you lose weight?  This is especially true when you incorporate your sauna sessions with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Now the question is, “When is the best time to use a sauna whenever you work out?”

Some experts say that as a part of your fitness routine, it’s best to use a sauna after you work out. Here’s why:

  • Detoxes Post-Workout Wastes

    After a challenging routine, your muscles and joints accumulate waste, which then reaches the surface of your skin through the blood. Using the sauna after your workout helps release these wastes through your pores, effectively detoxifying the body.

  • Promotes Tissue and Muscle Healing

    Your muscles and tissues suffer wear and tear during a workout. An infrared sauna facilitates healing by penetrating as deep as two inches into your tissues, joints, and muscles. This leads to faster cell regeneration and soothing pain relief.

  • Extends Cardio Benefit

    The gentle heat of an infrared sauna does more than relaxing your body; it also increases your heart rate to the level of moderate exercise. This means that the calorie-burning effects of your workout continue even when you're done with your routine.

  • Relaxes Your Body

    Just as it's important to give your best during your workout, it's also essential to allow your body to rest and slow down. The stillness and privacy inside an infrared sauna are conducive to relaxation. On top of that, not only does your body get a time-out, but your mind becomes calmer as well. Together, this creates a protective therapeutic effect as you go through your day.

Some Post-Workout Sauna Don’ts

Just as some practices heighten the health benefits you get from a post-workout sauna session, there are others that are not advisable. Here are some:

  • Don’t Wear Your Workout Clothes and Shoes Inside Your Sauna

    Never wear your soiled workout clothes and shoes inside your personal sauna. Not only is it unhygienic, but it also interferes with the ability of the infrared heat to penetrate your skin. If you’re comfortable with it, strip down and wear nothing but a towel for privacy inside your sauna.
    But if you must wear something, keep it simple and breathable like a bikini or a loose-fitting cotton shirt.

  • Don’t Stop Hydrating

    Just because you're done with your workout doesn't mean you should  stop hydrating yourself. Take a drink of water now and then while you're in the sauna to replace all the sweat that's leaving your pores. Make sure to drink plenty more when your session is up.

A personal sauna in your home can make a huge, positive impact on your fitness goals. But that’s just the beginning! Call us at JNH Lifestyles to learn the many other ways an infrared sauna can improve your day to day experience.

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