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You Can Feel Luxurious with an In-Home Sauna

You Can Feel Luxurious with an In-Home Sauna

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There was a time when the notion of having an in home sauna would have seemed absurd to  most people. The only sauna that  you were probably familiar with was the large, steam-heated sauna  found at a local health club or gym. But the advent of the infrared sauna for widespread use has changed that sort of thinking. If you thought that a sauna was only for the wealthy, it’s time to learn about this relatively new form of technology that virtually anyone can enjoy.

The Price

One area that a steam-heated sauna differs from a far infrared sauna is  the price. It is not going to be inexpensive to install a steam-heated sauna in your home. The logistics are  complicated enough, but you’re likely looking at an outlay of multiple thousands of dollars at a minimum if you want a sauna that’s going to be similar to the ones you see at the gym.

A far infrared sauna is going to cost a fraction of that, even if you get one of the high-end ones. You can afford one on virtually any budget, and if money is tight and you can’t afford to pay everything up front,  many companies will allow you to set up a payment plan.  In a relatively short amount of  time you ought to be able to pay for your far infrared sauna outright.

The Dimensions

For those who are fans  of the far infrared saunas  over the steam variety, the large dimensions of the former are often cited as well. The traditional steam-heated sauna is going to take up quite a bit of space, regardless of where you install it. If you have a mansion with lots of extra space,  then it’s not going to be a  huge of an issue,  but how many of us can honestly say that’s the case?

If you have a  modest sized house or  apartment, you can find space for a far infrared sauna, regardless of whether you get a single  or 2-person sauna that is not going to cost you  much more. You can fit it in a corner,  living room,  den,  basement, or  garage. The only limit is your imagination.   The only requirement is for it to be adjacent to an electrical outlet. How’s that for convenience?

The Health Benefits

There are also health benefits  unique to the far infrared sauna that not possible  with the steam sauna. For instance, with an infrared sauna you get a heat  source  similar to the sun’s rays. You are also  in such close proximity to those heat  sources that you’re getting a blast of concentrated far infrared rays that are deeply penetrating your skin. If that sounds ominous, have no fear.  These rays are a completely safe and gentle way to cleanse the body.

Clearer Skin

One of the key benefits  you can expect is for impurities in the skin to be cleared up.  If you suffer from adult acne or other skin conditions, it can be frustrating if you’re frequently in social situations where you need to give presentations, meet with clients, or anything of that nature.

If you use a far infrared sauna regularly, then your skin will soon look healthy and glowing and your  pores will be clear of dirt and grime. A far infrared sauna will help your complexion like no cream or powder you’ve ever tried.

Weight Loss

Then there’s are the weight loss implications of using a far infrared sauna. Many people get an infrared sauna  for this reason alone.  Don’t expect to miraculously shed pounds and inches with a far infrared sauna alone, but when you use one in conjunction with  proper diet and exercise, it can boost results.  That’s because when you sit in the sauna, it is the equivalent of a mild aerobic workout.

You can burn between 600-850 calories during a 45-minute sauna session, or about  the equivalent a  small meal.  With these statistics, it is obvious why doing this every day appeals to many individuals who are trying to lose weight.

Help with Depression

If you suffer from depression, then time in a far infrared sauna can also be helpful to you. In-home sauna use can help you feel rejuvenated in a way that compliments  any prescribed medication.  What’s more is that a far infrared sauna session will not have any of the  side effects that come with many  medications.  It is counterproductive to try alleviating your depression by introducing  a  new set of  chemically induced problems.

Fighting depression with a far infrared sauna is an all-natural form of treatment that you can take part in every day with a  one-time sauna payment  rather than the continuing payments for any form of medication. You should swiftly feel a difference in your mood with regular sauna use.


Possibly the best thing about a far infrared sauna is that you can use one in the privacy of your home, away from any eyes that might be watching you in the gym. If you feel  self-conscious about your body or you like to have a sauna to yourself, you can do that with the far infrared variety.

You can use it at any time of the day or night as well, rather than being limited to  your gym’s schedule. You can also have your sauna time right there in your home without interruption, provided that you tell your family members that you need some alone time.

The more you learn about far infrared saunas, the more likely that you’re going to want one for yourself. The time is now to look at the different ones that are on the market and to select the one that seems to make the most sense based on your needs.

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