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Before Comparing Sauna Prices, Think about the Right Location

Before Comparing Sauna Prices, Think about the Right Location

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When purchasing a home sauna, sauna prices are not the only factor you should consider.  Before you choose your sauna, it’s best if you  have some idea of where you want to put  it. First-rate saunas are easy to assemble, so the sooner you decide where you want it, the sooner you can start enjoying its therapeutic benefits.

Factors to Think About

 The first step is assembling your infrared sauna, so choose somewhere spacious where you can work with ease. Leave  space for clearance around the sauna.

 The location should have a nearby power outlet to make it easy to switch on and off. When it comes to flooring,  the best options are tile, laminate, wood, or concrete. Remember that  you (and others  if you go for a multi-person model) often step out of it in full sweat, so you’d want to avoid carpet flooring that will soak up all the  moisture.  But wherever you decided to place your infrared sauna,  make sure it’s level.

Find the Perfect Place

Once these conditions are met, you’re ready to select the permanent spot for your sauna. Here are some ideas:

  • Next to Your Shower

A sauna session works even better if you alternate the heat therapy with a quick cold shower. If you have enough space, one of the best locations for you sauna is right next to the bathroom. This makes it very convenient to  sweat it out and  then hop into your shower to cool down.

  • In Your Home Gym

Another excellent place to put your sauna is inside your  home gym. A lot of gyms integrate a sauna into their premises, and for a good reason. Heat therapy is great for relaxing your body post-workout and for relieving muscle and joint pain. So if you have a  gym at home, consider placing your sauna  there.

  • In Your Bedroom

The gentle heat of an infrared sauna is the perfect way to begin your day or cap it off. Using a sauna after you wake up leaves you feeling revitalized, focused, and ready to take on the day. Coming home to your sauna after work will help you unwind and contribute to good sleep. If your bedroom is big enough, it  can be a wonderful location for your sauna, especially for smaller models.

Can You Place Your Sauna Outdoors?

Sometimes you simply have no space inside your home to fit a home sauna. In this case, a portable sauna for sale can be placed outdoors provided that the location:

  • is protected from the weather;
  • has proper roofing and shelter;
  • has safe access to electric outlets; and
  • has safe access for people.

Choosing the right place for your sauna will require serious thought.  But once your home sauna is installed and working,  you’re guaranteed many years of enjoyment inside your personal  relaxing oasis.

Can’t decide? Our consultants at JNH Lifestyles are more than happy to discuss your home sauna requirements. Send us a message or give us a call at your convenience.

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